30-Day Minimalism Challenge

This chart is fabulous!

Classy & Fabulous…


A woman should be two things: classy and fabulous.  Coco Chanel

I agree with Coco Chanel and could write volumes about being classy and fabulous from varying viewpoints to include self-confidence.

I like to feel put together regardless of whether I am at a country club or Walmart.  I don’t wear clothes that are ill-fitting, shoes that are scuffed or nail polish that is chipped. Yet, I am a busy person so I have routines and products that help me look my best.  Here are some of my favorite products.     Continue reading “Classy & Fabulous…”

Why take your life?

On November 3, I posted “Cherish One Another”.  It was inspired by my friends’ lovely wedding reception. Continue reading “Why take your life?”

Playa Cerrado


Feeling a little sad tonight as I enjoy my last night in Cabo. It has been a wonderful, leisurely week with walks on the playa, cervazas by the pool, siestas, and peace.

“Playa Cerrado” means the beach is closed but it doesn’t have to mean that the wonderful times are coming to a close.  I plan to keep the spirit of my Cabo experience with me. Continue reading “Playa Cerrado”

Faking it with Mary Tyler Moore!


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Pulling Happiness out of a Hat

Building a new life can be serious business so I give myself little rewards along the way.  Of course, the best rewards are reaching my goals but since they are on-going (mindfulness, authenticity, etc.) I never “graduate”. Continue reading “Faking it with Mary Tyler Moore!”

Auld Lang Syne


The Second Annual Italian New Year’s Eve Party, 2015!

Should auld acquaintance be forgot, And never brought to mind? Should auld acquaintance be forgot and days o’ auld lang syne?

We took a cup of kindness along with prosecco and wine as we celebrated the passing of 2015 and the start of 2016.   The pictures tell the story!

Jack, Julia, Ruth & Alan, Mike F.  NYE 2015Holly & Jana NYE 2015

Continue reading “Auld Lang Syne”