Friendship & Flowers

Linda Flowers

“Let us be grateful to people who make us happy, they are charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.”   Marcel Proust

A little bouquet that I keep on my kitchen counter. I see it every time I make coffee or prepare a meal.  It makes me smile. Continue reading “Friendship & Flowers”

The Autumn Acorn: My First “Like”



On August 1, 2015, after talking and talking  about it for months, I  wrote my first post called “Working from Home”. After I hit the publish button, I called my son and excitedly reported that I had done it. Let’s hear it for Mom! Continue reading “The Autumn Acorn: My First “Like””

A Perfect Saturday in NW Portland

Yesterday was a perfect Saturday for me.  By 8 A.M., I  was sweating at a spinning class, back home to housework and then quality time with Ginny before taking her to doggy day care. She loves playing with the other dogs and comes home tired, hungry and happy.  I’m such a good dog mother! Continue reading “A Perfect Saturday in NW Portland”

I’m a Crybaby Today!

I hope you don’t mind reading a tear-stained post.

I am crying right now…not sniffling, but crying, need to blow your nose crying.

Continue reading “I’m a Crybaby Today!”

The Taming of the Purse!


I love to dress up!

Purses* or handbags, if you prefer, play a big part in my daily outfits.  I change them often.

I used to leave the detritus that did not flow into the new bag in the old bag. This was fun when I might find  a Benjamin Franklin stuffed in a zippered pocket but, for the most part, I found crumpled tissues, dried-out ballpoint pens and stale Luna bars. Or worse, a receipt that I needed a month earlier or an important business card. So much for networking if you misplace the business card!

Not happy with this system, I happened upon a better way… Continue reading “The Taming of the Purse!”

My Terrible Aunt Sally


Growing up in the South, every summer I attended family reunions on both sides of my family. These were not casual, thrown together events but massive undertakings requiring a state park to accommodate the crowd, the huge quantities of food and all the activities.  I loved them.  Seeing my cousins, being petted by my aunts and uncles, playing games and eating delicious food  was heaven. The women proudly displayed their finest fried chicken, roasts, casseroles and, of course, desserts.  It was our version of the county fair with verbal blue ribbons.

Weeks before, my Mother and her sisters came together in  person to refine the menu and to gossip. Hanging around in the war room, aka Mother’s kitchen, I learned about my terrible Aunt Sally. Continue reading “My Terrible Aunt Sally”

Shout out to The Shoals.


As an expatriate Southerner, I am amused and delighted to visit the South.

I am amused because as a girl growing up on the beaches of Florida, I could hardly wait to get out of town. It was such a boring place in my teenage mind!  Sometimes we have to search far and away to find what we are looking for even it is down the street in our hometown. Continue reading “Shout out to The Shoals.”

Who I Am & Why I Am Here…

I often feel as though my life has been lived as a subset of someone else’s life.  Not that it was not good. It was so good in so many ways. Good to be a wife, a mother, a sister, an employee. Now, it is different as a widow, as a person who is not accountable to anyone. There is great freedom in being alone but also great loneliness and much sadness. Continue reading “Who I Am & Why I Am Here…”