The World Needs More You In It



It is a word that my friends and I toss around.

It describes the feeling we have when the world passes us by. Continue reading “The World Needs More You In It”

A few of my favorite charities (#GivingTuesday)

“Giving Tuesday” is a wonderful idea!

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We’re familiar with Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday, days that promote retailers and shopping. Tomorrow is Giving Tuesday, a day to promote and support nonprofits that make a difference in your local communities and the world around us.


Celebrated the Tuesday after Thanksgiving (in the U.S.), Giving Tuesday kicks off the charitable giving season as many people make donations this time of year to charities. Giving Tuesday is a way to donate time, money, items and more to charities in your community and beyond. According to the #GivingTuesday website, last year more than 700,000 people raised $116,000,000 online in 70 countries for charities. That’s amazing! What a positive impact.


hh_livestrongwalkI’m a firm believer that we can all give back in some way, whether donating a few hours of your time or giving money or sharing information with others or whatever else you decide…

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It’s Just So Good You’re Here!

It was another day of endless rain in Portland. *

I admit, I wasn’t in the best mood. I was tired.  I was sad.

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Happy Thanksgiving!


In all things give thanks.  We give thanks for faith, family, friends.

Special thanks to my Internet friends who have educated, entertained and comforted me during the past year.

Happy Thanksgiving from Denver!

All the little children of the world…

Aiden and I colored this together on Sunday afternoon.

At noon, my five year old grandson Aiden returned from kindergarten excited to share all of the news of his morning at school.   Continue reading “All the little children of the world…”

Cicero Says: You Were Born to Work Hard for Your Country

A message from Cicero of ancient Rome for our modern times. (A reblog).


“I would not have hesitated to toss myself headlong into the gravest storms and thunder for the sake of saving my fellow citizens and to win public tranquility at the expense of my own danger. For our fatherland did not bear and educate us with the intent that it should expect no assistance from us, but should, serving only our benefit, provide a safe space for our leisure and a quiet spot for our rest. Rather, it raised us so that it could take the greatest part of our spirit, our intellect, and our counsel for its benefit, and leave to our own private use only as much as was left over.”

“The Young Cicero Reading” by Vincenzo Foppa

non dubitaverim me gravissimis tempestatibus ac paene fulminibus ipsis obvium ferre conservandorum civium causa, meisque propriis periculis parere commune reliquis otium. neque enim hac nos patria lege genuit aut educavit, ut…

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Sunday Thoughts


I woke up today at 4 A.M. in Portland, Oregon.  By 10:30 I was in Denver, Colorado. Continue reading “Sunday Thoughts”

Quirky Portland

Street scene in the Pearl District, NW Portland, Oregon


In Portland, we think of everything! Continue reading “Quirky Portland”

Election Statement


I was strengthened, comforted and challenged to read the words below in our church newsletter.

To me, this statement is a call to action that any person of any persuasion, religious or not, can follow.   Continue reading “Election Statement”

A True Measure


Ugh! At my last doctor’s visit, I weighed more according to the doctor’s scale than I weigh on mine at home. Continue reading “A True Measure”