Respite from the rain

I am not complaining about Portland’s weather especially when the rest of the country is experiencing extreme weather.

Still, it is nice to walk into this patio at Zupan’s a local, small chain of grocery stores in the Portland.  The elegant overhead lights, the flowers, tables and chairs and the outside heaters create a welcoming environment.

On the left, is Zupan’s card and floral shop.  It’s great for little gifts, plants and floral arrangements.

The patio, or breezeway, offers shelter from the rain and a place to relax with a warm drink.

On the right is the entrance to the grocery store where I find all kinds of goodies from Bliss Nut Butters to Ellenos yogurt.

I appreciate that the produce staff will repackage my vegetables into smaller quantities so I can buy a small piece of cauliflower rather than a whole head or half an acorn squash rather than a whole one.

After shopping, Jack takes my groceries to the car and unloads them.  He is one of the reasons I return to Zupan’s!

Zupan’s Market, Lake Oswego, Oregon. ~Photo Lori Greer~


12 thoughts on “Respite from the rain

    1. Jack is a lovely older gentleman who spoils his customers. I don’t know if he works from need or just to have something to do. I am glad he is there. Thanks for reading and commenting.


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