It’s all good…

Yesterday’s meeting of our bookclub left me feeling wonderful. 


It reminded me of the power of friendship, the joy of reading and therapeutic benefits of laughing often and deeply.

It is a space where I feel heard, cared about and respected.

This is a welcome antidote to today’s world that can leave women, especially older women, feeling patronized, ignored or marginalized.

It’s life-affirming.

It’s healing.

It’s magic.





10 thoughts on “It’s all good…

      1. It’s a little bit dark for those who don’t like reality, but there is a lot of character depth to explore, so it could make for good discussion. Then there are the moral aspects of the global and personal dilemmas. I can see a lot of possibilities for heated debate. Thank you very much for the idea. It would be nice if you think they would agree to read it.


      2. Hi Anneli, I will recommend it. We have books for summer but will work on our fall/winter schedule soon. I think they would accept it. I will keep you posted. Lori

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