Sweet Girl

Last minute grocery shopping for Thanksgiving.

Her first Thanksgiving without her Mommy.

A bright, feisty,adorable, inquisitive, strong-willed three-year old.


Talking about Mommy

My heart breaks when she talks about Mommy being in Heaven.

As we went around the table at Thanksgiving to share what we were each thankful for, she loudly affirmed that she was grateful for  her Mommy.

It is good that she still feels the love of her Mother.

Her little face shines with the radiance and faith of an innocent child.

My sweet granddaughter who has my heart.

15 thoughts on “Sweet Girl

  1. She is beautiful. Not too many filters of fear yet and can speak from her heart. If we could but be that innocent and sing from that love we would all be healed ❤️
    Great post Lori, brought a tear and an innocent smile to my heart, thank you ❤️

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  2. More than anything else in her life may she be nurtured to never lose her faith in the Saviour who came to save our souls for ETERNITY. One day indeed, for all who believe we too will journey to where her Mom has gone. ‘Come as a little child’ an entreaty for ALL OF US TO FOLLOW. Without the Cross no soul could live forever. Thanksgiving always for this which after a lifetime is certainly my TRUTH. Blessings! and may LOVE in all things guide your Christmas.

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