Springtime in Portland

So pretty to look at!

I love seeing all of the trees, plants and flowers starting to bloom.

However, this is why I generally stay indoors with my windows closed.

This is why I take an antihistamine daily. It helps but I still feel terrible at times.

New carpet

Adding more pain this year is my new carpet.

After the installation almost a month ago, I still find tiny bits of fabric everywhere.

There also is a fine layer of dust everywhere.

I am cleaning everyday and know that “this too shall pass” but feel really drained.


Adding more insults, I washed two Helly Hansen jackets so that I could put them away for the summer. The upshot was that there is now a fine scattering of lint (?) all over the jackets and, worse, all over my washing machine. I believe that the lining on one of the jackets may have disintegrated.

I have run the rinse cycle several times, wiped out the drum with paper towels and a sheet from a lint remover.

Thinking that the problem was resolved I washed some clothes only to have them covered in this fine lint.

Short of buying a new wardrobe and a new washing machine, I shall have to keep a lint remover with me at all times.

Truly small problems in light of the world today.

Time for a cup of tea and then soldier on!

7 thoughts on “Springtime in Portland

  1. Nothing more frustrating than allergies dear lady, they really interrupt life. I’m allergic to sulfur, a preservative that is in absolutely everything. If I accidentally have any you feel like your dying. You have my full empathy for something that truly does keep stealing your steering wheel in your journey. May you find that power steering within to keep it where it belongs…without thought 😀 ❤️ 🙏🏽 🦋

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  2. I feel this battle against petty struggles so much. Some days I feel like it’s winning those small victories that move me through my day. Other days, I give in to rest and come back stronger and more resolved the next. You got this!

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  3. Whether Autumn as it is here or Spring as it is there. I Have sneezy days, running nose and old lady coughing. Seasonal changes affect me like covid symptoms. I have to explain myself and have a test if I go socializing. The only unchanging is my Prayer LIfe and I thank God for our beautiful world and that He alone is CONSTANT. I’ll join you for a cuppa Lori. Thank you for post.

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