Just off the phone with my daughter-in-law in Denver.

She and my son are at their wits’ end with their 12-year old son being bullied at school.

Three times he has been physically assaulted, knocked to the ground and hit his head.

Going through the school protocol for anti-bullying has not resolved the situation.

Just last week I read about a 14-year old girl who took her life after being bullied.

Also, kids do bring guns to school.

This feels like too much to bear.

Trying to stay calm and think clearly so I can be a sounding board for my son and his wife as they navigate this minefield.


20 thoughts on “Bullying

  1. Tough situation. I was bullied at school too, and I know that what got me through was knowing that my parents loved me and were there for me if I needed them. I didn’t tell them about the bullying, but I knew they would be there if I wanted help.

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  2. Difficult and a truth in every country. As prayer and biblical info is becoming banned this anti-social behavior is escalating. I agree with the above comment. Parental love is VITAL
    My husband told our son years ago Do not retaliate. Tell the teacher. Tell us. These incidents were diffused. Years later in High School this son was tall, powerfully strong he said to this bully, If I chose to I could flatten you against that wall. The bully cringed. As he later told us ;Your son’s attitude taught me I was a ‘jerk” I got better and now have sons of my own. Why are guns, drugs, weapons etc not screened at the school gate,? Some schools here even expect mobile phones and personal laptops to be checked in at the office. We live in dangerous societal day. My heart grieves with you Lori. BE THERE FOR YOUR GRANDSON. REALLY LISTEN!

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  3. I agree that it is a minefield. Each bullying situation is different. It’s too bad that the anti bullying program didn’t work. Now that it has failed, the school should be willing to try something different. Most schools have a counsellor available. If this school does, that would be the route to take. It sounds as if the parents are supportive of the boy—that is very helpful.

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    1. We escalated our complaints to the school district with the understanding that our next step was the police. We are not sure if the other parents are aware of the situation or not. Thank you for your comments. ~Lori


  4. That is a very difficult situation dear lady. If the school will not enforce a law then that can only mean going higher. Even if eventually the police. It is an assault, whether emotional or physical. My best wishes to you all, may it be resolved with peace instead ❤️🙏🏽

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