Working from Home!

Even though I am a social person, there is nothing I like more than working from home.  It is especially nice on cold, rainy days when I don’t have to drive on icy roads!  Plus, I can accomplish so much without interruptions.  So, that I don’t become a hermit, I plan times to meet regularly with clients. Working from home is not without its perils.  It is easy to fritter one’s time in “busyness” rather than business.  I have developed a schedule that allows me to settle down and accomplish a lot of work.

So, here’s what works for me.

1.  I set office hours and stick to them. I generally work in my office from 9-3 with a 30 minute lunch break. On the Friday before the next work week begins, I set my schedule knowing that it may change. I try to schedule medical appointments, workers, car repairs, etc, early in the morning on the same day so that I can get it all done.  Huge chunks of time to dedicate myself to work are better for me than bits of time sandwiched here and there in my busy day.  When I am waiting for my car to be serviced or my doctor to see me, I will read work-related emails or other materials.  Generally, I do not send any emails on the fly as it is too easy to make mistakes.  When I respond,  I compose the text, re-read it and only then type in the recipient’s email address.

2. I exercise, shower, and dress before going into my home office.  I chose clothing that is comfortable but suitable if I am called out suddenly to meet a client.  This usually means a nice blouse, slacks, make-up and appropriate hair style.  I don’t subscribe to the idea of working in my pj’s or sweats.  It does not work for me.

3.  I schedule breaks and a lunch time. I treat myself to two or three 15-minute breaks as a time to refresh my brain and body so that I can continue to work more effectively.  This may mean stretching, grabbing some water or tea, or maybe taking a brisk walk down the sidewalk.  I take a 30-minute lunch break to eat a salad, protein and vegetables.  No sweets and no carbs!

4.  I have a dedicated office. It is clean, well-lit and organized.  I have what I need in the room. My work and supplies are not spread around the house or in my car. I do not eat or drink in my office.

5.  I set a pleasing atmosphere.  I have “top down bottom up” shades that I open to get natural light and a view but keep closed enough so that I don’t see people walking on the sidewalk in front of my house.  I play soft music with no commercials.  I have good lighting and an overhead fan for warm days.

6.  I adhere to my 45:15 schedule.  I set the timer for 45 minutes and work like a demon until the bell rings. Then, I reset the timer for 15 minutes so that I can take a break, walk around the block, or cuddle my dog.  I do whatever I need at that moment to keep me on track. I repeat this cycle five to six times between 9-3.

7. I clean my desk, file, and scan at the end of the work day. I then organize my work for the next day. This calm, steady approach allows me to focus on key projects, to meet deadlines and to relish my time out of the office with clients and colleagues.  I am like the tortoise who does not rush or waste energy but gets the job done!

37 thoughts on “Working from Home!

  1. Excellent schedule and discipline….it is my dream to behave in this way…and I always have the best of intentions….but am afraid I have yet to stick to the schedule……your post has inspired me!

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  2. Heavens I read this once and then again. Its breath taking! Its a great manual for ” How To..” and should be sent to a magazine. Maybe you have done this….Its like a Bible for life. But honestly, tell me, for my own self esteem, how often do you deviate from this? Do you ever have a bad day and eat a Bun at the desk? If not then you are surely one of those Stepford Wives who I aim to copy but never quite manage it. thank you

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    1. Thank you for reading my post. This is my system for most of my activities as it gives me a sense of peace and purpose as an antidote to being lonely or sad. After my Husband’s death I tried to honor his last words to me “to be happy”. I also try to set an example for my sons on how to live one’s life in the face of challenges. Plus, I don’t want them to feel saddled with their Mother! Yes,I do deviate sometimes by choice or circumstances. Yet, I find comfort in returning to my routines knowing that my obligations to myself and to others will be met. I can then “play” without worrying about missing a bill payment, not doing the laundry or missing deadlines on a project. Have a wonderful day. Lori

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      1. Lori… in your honour, I have just purchased 2 books
        THE life changing magic of tidy
        spark joy

        I researched more after reading your post… so the worm is turning… 🙂


      2. You are sweet. I hope you enjoy her books. It is amazing how much stuff we accumulate in our lives. One of my teachers once told me that we become a slave to our possessions. I was too young to understand then but I certainly do now! Happy Monday, Lori


  3. Wow you are seriously organised, in my dreams is the only place I could accomplish what you do. I have to agree with the PJ thing though I cannot write until I’m dressed, that’s why I like the idea of PJ days ( I’m inherently lazy!).
    Have a great productive day.

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  4. I love this piece! I’ve been flitting around your space reading a few posts with interesting titles, and I happened upon this one. You’re organized! Though I don’t work from home, I need to set up our office space so that it is designed to serve its purpose. Thanks! 😀

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    1. Good morning, Thanks for reading this post. Taming my day has been a challenge but this system works for me. Otherwise, I get so scattered in my thoughts & activities that I accomplish nothing. So nice to read your comments on my posts. Happy Saturday!

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      1. Thanks Lori – I loved reading your post. Apologies for delayed response – I’ve had a lovely weekend with my 2 granddaughters – fun in the sun and no time for laptop! Hope you’ve had a great weekend too…


  5. Its very helpful to feel like there are kindred spirits out there – social but best working from home. Also, seeking ways to make it work. Thanks for sharing.

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  6. I need to try out the 45:15 schedule, I’ve been trying to work from home lately but just feel so bogged down after a while of sitting at a desk. You have some great tips here!

    Also, thank you for stopping by my blog 🙂

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  7. You’re a woman after my own heart with your organization! 🙂 I work from home two days a week, plus do freelance work on the side so try to be organized at home. I also shower and dress before starting work (I was that student who showered before every college class!). I like the scheduled breaks as I often get wrapped up in writing or get stuck with writer’s block so think a schedule would help me. Thanks for the great advice!

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  8. When I work at home, I use so many of these things. I have no idea how people get in the mood to work without getting dressed. Then again, I’m someone who won’t leave the house without her makeup on, so I might not be the one to talk, because looking appropriate and good is something that I put high on the list of important things in my world.

    I’ve been working more on the 45:15 schedule – it’s not going as well for me as I would like. I’m thinking of modifying it a bit to see how I can do it (more of a ‘complete task 1 of this type, finish task 2 of different type, complete task 3 of yet another type, take a break’ – it seems to suit my nature somewhat better, as well as better accommodate the various sorts and types of tasks I have on my work plate).

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