Moving Toward Personal Peace

~Photo Lori Greer, Portland, Oregon, USA.~

I went to an early morning yoga class recently.

In moving from a bending pose to a standing pose, I reached and pulled my hair out of my face.

In that instant, I felt a sense of peace.

Peace such as I have not felt in a long time.

Reflecting on the peace that flowed through me, I thought about what was happening.

I can’t say that it was yoga that made me feel at peace.

Yoga is hard work for me.  Many of the poses are difficult and painful.

I think it is a culmination of many things which are so simple and yet, so beneficial.

My many things

I am making an effort to sleep 8 hours each night.

I am trying to eat healty food.  The Mediterranean Diet is my guide.

I am working to stay calm through meditation, long walks and reading.

I am connecting with others in meaningful and helpful ways for them and me.

I am watching my breathing.

I am forgiving myself for not being perfect, for getting tired, for needing time alone.