Welcome to my world and my journey as a busy woman!   I love my life!  I am happy and busy with my career, my family, friends, and activities.   I will share my “finds”, my insight and my experiences.  I do this to lighten the load for another, to make someone’s day a little better and perhaps to solve a problem or offer a different perspective on a situation.  Also, I will share guest posts!

Please stay tuned for fun, interesting and informative posts.  Cheers!

66 thoughts on “Welcome!

      1. Good question! It has more to do with the journey. Like it says on my banner “Let’s take a trip. To somewhere, to nowhere. To everywhere.”

        But it’s probably best to not think about it too much!

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  1. hi lori – thanks for reading and following my blog. i love the positive energy and look of yours, and look forward to following you back and reading more – best, beth


  2. Hi Lori. I noticed you liked a couple of comments on made on “susielindau’s wild ride” so I wandered over here to see your blog. I’ve enjoyed reading a few of your posts. I’m following now. Look forward to seeing you in the blogosphere.

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