Welcome to my world and my journey as a busy woman!   I love my life!  I am happy and busy with my career, my family, friends, and activities.   I will share my “finds”, my insight and my experiences.  I do this to lighten the load for another, to make someone’s day a little better and perhaps to solve a problem or offer a different perspective on a situation.  Also, I will share guest posts!

Please stay tuned for fun, interesting and informative posts.  Cheers!

77 thoughts on “Welcome!

      1. Hi Lori, I am actually commenting on your “I’m Back” post however there is no option to comment on that one.

        I wanted to say welcome back and don’t forget how much delight and goodness is brought to others when
        They get to enjoy what is made from the ´” sap” of maple trees and fir trees etc…


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      1. Good question! It has more to do with the journey. Like it says on my banner “Let’s take a trip. To somewhere, to nowhere. To everywhere.”

        But it’s probably best to not think about it too much!

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  1. hi lori – thanks for reading and following my blog. i love the positive energy and look of yours, and look forward to following you back and reading more – best, beth


  2. Hi Lori. I noticed you liked a couple of comments on made on “susielindau’s wild ride” so I wandered over here to see your blog. I’ve enjoyed reading a few of your posts. I’m following now. Look forward to seeing you in the blogosphere.

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      1. Sorry. Send button pressed too soon. I was saying willpower is a significant part of the fight. And the realization that what is important is just every day. No more no less… 🙂
        (I thought realisation had an S, but WP marks it as an error. Must be an American English corrector!) 😉
        Take care. All of you.


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