A Perfect Saturday in NW Portland

Yesterday was a perfect Saturday for me.  By 8 A.M., I  was sweating at a spinning class, back home to housework and then quality time with Ginny before taking her to doggy day care. She loves playing with the other dogs and comes home tired, hungry and happy.  I’m such a good dog mother!

Serrato, Portland

Next, my BFF and  I were  off to Serratto’s in NW Portland for an excellent lunch.  I ordered Pan Seared Idaho  Trout which came with an almond crust, leek and mushroom farro, porcini-thyme brodo.  I didn’t know what some of those ingredients were but I did know that it sounded perfect.  It was delicious, light and filling.  My BFF ordered pappardelle braised wild boar, radish, arugula,hazelnuts, and shaved pecorino. It was delicious also!

The desserts that went by our table looked delicious but we abstained as we did not want to be late for the 2 P.M. showing of Anomalisa.  Another time! Serratto Restaurant & Bar


Cinema 21 is just a couple of blocks from Serrato so we walked there in the overcast, cool weather.  It is an older funky theater that has been restored.  It has so much personality and such a loyal clientele. It is a neighborhood gem.

Speaking of movies, glad you asked!

When I watch a movie I want to be intrigued, puzzled, educated and moved.  Here are movies that I watched recently that fit the bill for me.  Not listed in any particular order.


The Room

Bridge of Spies



The Martian

The Big Short

Dinner was a slice of quiche from St. Honore Bakery (another neighborhood gem), leftover veggies and some red wine.  Ginny had her usual cuisine plus a walk to the park before dozing off in front of the fireplace.

A wonderful day…all in all.

51 thoughts on “A Perfect Saturday in NW Portland

      1. It will take me years to get through my list of book recommendations. My weekend has been great! Friday I bought a new table and some super cozy benches for my breakfast nook. Yesterday I did a 5-mile run and then got dressed up for a good friend’s engagement party. I stayed up a lot later than I normally would and am now having a relaxing day on the couch 🙂


      2. Your weekend sounds great. I love making my little home nicer. I am waiting on new shades to be delivered in a few weeks…just in time for spring. Then, I need to buy some plants for outside. A relaxing day on the couch sounds perfect! Enjoy.

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  1. Thank you Lori for comment re my heading out. Perhaps we will communicate further. I Understand cursillo very well and spiritually men and women all round the world are ‘connected’ in Aglow and what we bring to the whole makes a vision of KINGDOM resound in the hearts and lives of believers world-wide. Congrats on your new home! New home – new hope – Strength and purpose. Bless you! Check out Aglow International (on line you will be amazed = not all puff – wonderful men of God are on the international Board.

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  2. Love your post. Lunch sounds great and so did dinner. I don’t know Anomalisa but have seen The Big Short and The Martian. Loved them both but I really could see The Big Short as it was so fast paced and full of info and finance is not really my thing, lol. I did my 30 minutes on the treadmill and some other exercises my trainer has me doing. It’s very tough but I feel energized afterwards!


  3. You day sounds like it was heavenly. The trout sounded good although I’m not so sure about the boar and the theater reminds me of one that used to be in the old neighborhood. It was converted into a mini mall but it’s my understanding that now all these years later they are building a new theater, I can hardly wait until it opens.


    1. Hi, The trout was so delicious that I tried to duplicate it at home. It turned out pretty well. The boar was too rich for my taste…so I agree.
      I love neighborhoods…I think the faceless, look-alike suburbs are so boring! A new theater sounds wonderful! I go weekly to the movies, if possible. In the winter. I connect with others and escape the rain. It is usually followed or preceded by food! Cheers, Lori

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      1. Sounds like fun. I seldom go out to the movies (too expensive although I’ll catch an occasional matinee). Most days when I’m in search of a movie it’s Netflix but I’m going to check out the ones you listed. My problem is I’ll hear about a good movie but unless I write it down I forget about it.


  4. Wow. You can get some rather interesting menu items in Portland…braised wild boar. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen that at many restaurants here in Georgia. What is it like? … It’s neat that you listed movies here; I did a similar post a few days after this one: https://thegrizzlegrist.wordpress.com/2016/02/24/for-pure-fun/
    I received some pretty neat responses. 🙂 Thanks for sharing. It’s always a pleasure to “drop by!”


    1. Hi, wild boar is very rich like a tough piece of beef that is cooked a long time. I have had it in a red sauce and in a brown sauce. I prefer the brown sauce. I will check our your movie list. Nice to visit! P.S. I will be flying into Atlanta next Friday morning on my way to Miami. That is one crazy, huge airport!

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