What to worry about or not…

Here is a list that Jazz Age novelist F. Scott Fitzgerald sent his 11-year old daughter Scottie in 1933 of things to and not to worry about.

She was the only child of Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald. 

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Her parents symbolized the dashing international life style of the Jazz Age, but Scottie once said, “They were always very circumspect around me. I was very unaware of all this drinking that was going on. . . . I was very well taken care of and I was never neglected.

“I don’t consider I had a very difficult childhood at all. In fact, I consider it a rather wonderful childhood,” she said.   The LA Times, June 18, 1986


Things to worry about

Worry about courage
Worry about cleanliness
Worry about efficiency
Worry about horsemanship…

Things not to worry about:

Don’t worry about popular opinion
Don’t worry about dolls
Don’t worry about the past
Don’t worry about the future
Don’t worry about growing up
Don’t worry about anybody getting ahead of you
Don’t worry about triumph
Don’t worry about failure unless it comes through your own fault
Don’t worry about mosquitoes
Don’t worry about flies
Don’t worry about insects in general
Don’t worry about parents
Don’t worry about boys
Don’t worry about disappointments
Don’t worry about pleasures
Don’t worry about satisfactions

Things to think about:

What am I really aiming at?
How good am I really in comparison to my contemporaries in regard to:
(a) Scholarship
(b) Do I really understand about people and am I able to get along with them?
(c) Am I trying to make my body a useful intrument or am I neglecting it?


I never worry about horsemanship, insects, mosquitoes,or flies.

I haven’t worried about dolls, parents  or boys in a long time.

Otherwise, this is still a relevant list.

14 thoughts on “What to worry about or not…

  1. How wonderful. Love this list.
    However, Assuming horsemanship means the usual interpretation, if you grew up in my house and your name was Sophie you would not rest until you were the best! 😀

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  2. Great list except I’m grateful my parents included as the No. 1. Worry about how I live my life in the light of God’s Holiness. (maybe not popular in today’s thinking but modern thinking is all about here and now ….what about eternity? …. certainly something to think about in the lives of future generations after us). Greetings and love.

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