Why She Wanted to Kill Him…

pexels-photo-236229.jpeg Game Over Broken Heart Pixabay
~Photo http://www.pexels.com Pixabay~

A man and a woman are in a “second time around” relationship.

Both bring baggage, hurt, and trepidation into the mix.

Things are going really, really well.



One fine day, feeling a surge of love for him, the woman sends the following text.

“I feel loved & taken care of by you.  It is a wonderful feeling.  Thank you.  Luv….”

Twenty minutes later he responds with this text.

“Life is good.  Thanks for sharing.”





9 thoughts on “Why She Wanted to Kill Him…

    1. I think he and she were on different emotional levels. She expected a quicker, more loving response. He was just not tuned in to her at that moment. Thanks for reading. I hope life is treating you well. It’s always nice to hear from you. Have a wonderful day, Lori

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