Beeswing Restaurant

Quirky, fun, happy!

Delicious food!

It’s no wonder that Beeswing has become one of my favorite places for breakfast and lunch.

I like it so much that I have eaten there four Sundays in a row!

My happy place!

Old newspapers provide a nostalgic backdrop on the walls at Beeswing. (Photo Lori Greer)

The ambiance at Beeswing is wonderful.

The staff is cheerful, helpful, friendly and patient as I ponder the menu at the counter.

I have been known to change my mind at the last minute and often add another item.

Who can blame me as I anguish between an old favorite or trying something new?

Everything I have tried has been excellent.

It’s All About the Food

Counter at Beeswing Restaurant, Portland, Oregon (Photo Lori Greer)

The flavors of the entrees such as trout hash are layered and subtle.

Foodies will love the complex dishes.

The portions are hearty and balanced so I am satisfied but not stuffed.

The quiche, trout hash, and tempeh are favorites of mine.

Oops, the reuben sandwich and the frittata are favorites too!

The lemon curd brioche is fantastic.

Seriously, the chocolate chip cookies are incredible.

The scones are scrumptious…so much so that I asked for a special order to take home.

Breakfast at Beeswing, Portland, Oregon (Photo Lori Greer)

Beeswing Menu

Coffee or Tea? Or…

Coffee counter at Beeswing, Portland, Oregon.   (Photo  Lori Greer)

Of course, the coffee is delicious and refills are just a few steps away.

Speciality coffees and regular coffee are available.

My BFF enjoys a pot of jasmine green tea at each visit.

Customers at Beeswing, Portland Oregon.  I enjoy sharing coffee and conversation with others in line.  Friendly Portland people! (Photo Lori Greer)

I always leave happy after eating at Beeswing.

Yes, you have to go there.

If not today, then for sure next Sunday, June 25th for the live music at 1 P.M.  Great food and music…especially on a nice day.  Perfect!!

Doorway, Beeswing Restaurant, Portland, Oregon (Photo Lori Greer)

Open everyday from 7-3.

Indoor and outdoor seating available which makes it kid and dog friendly.

Outdoor dining area at Beeswing Restaurant, Portland, Oregon (Photo Lori Greer)

4318 Northeast Cully Boulevard Portland, OR, 97218 United States


Many thanks to Ian, Marissa, Natty and the other friendly folks at Beeswing!

Beeswing Restaurant

6 thoughts on “Beeswing Restaurant

  1. It’s always a dilemma for me when I know I have a favourite dish and yet I want to try something new – but what if it isn’t a good as the “tried and true” one? And what if I don’t try something new and miss out? Oh dear! Oh dear!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. It looks a fascinating place. Next Sunday 25th June is my birthday. Have a cuppa and enjoy a meal and think of me as I will in imagination ‘think of you’. Cheers!

    Liked by 1 person

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