My Favorite Food Places

Disclosure:  In my work with AJP Northwest, I have the opportunity to visit many restaurants, bakeries, bars and food carts.  Many of the places that I recommend are clients of AJP Northwest.   However, I would never recommend a place unless I loved it.  It’s that simple! 

One caveat.  I am not a professional food critic.  I just love good food!


Out AZA Blue

57625 NW Wilson River Hwy, Gales Creek

One Saturday I had lunch at Out AZA Blue in Gales Creek which is a 40 minute drive from Lake Oswego.  I fell in love with the the place on my first visit.  We sat outside by the creek and enjoyed a lovely lunch of Mediterranean inspired cuisine with wonderful Barolo wine. The owner and chef, Gabriel was charming which added to the enjoyment of his wonderful food.  Since then, we have returned three times (once with friends) and found the food to be consistently good.  However,  during our return visits, the deck was not open which meant dining in a small, OK room but without any charm.   It is too far to drive just to sit indoors with a view only of the highway.  So, we will return when we are sure the deck is open or stop by on our way to or from the Coast.  Since this is the season for trips to the coast, I am sure we will stop by again soon.  I did bring home some of their amazing hummus for myself and some baklava for my neighbors.  It is easy to miss this place on the side of the road.  Things to love:  Great food at reasonable prices!

Le Vieux

1937 NW 23rd Place, Portland.


Le Vieux

In this charming house located at 1937 NW 23rd Place you will enjoy truly wonderful food.  Annette, an owner and the face of the restaurant, is welcoming and attentive to her guests.

On Sunday my friends and I decided to dine at a lovely Mediterranean restaurant, Le Vieux in NW Portland  which always pleases!  Brunch was in progress with many lovely choices.  For the first course, we shared Meyer lemon ricotta pancakes and a chocolate babka.  My friends all chose from one of the egg dishes for their main course.  One an10906101_913753241975700_4322482668057215108_nd all, they were very pleased.   For my entree, I decided to try Le Vieux’s version of fried chicken.   I was delighted to find the chicken moist and tender with a crisp skin and not greasy at all.   Most amazing was the coleslaw with bulgar and a  light honey dressing. Who knew coleslaw could be so tasty?  For dessert we shared two flavors of homemade ice cream, chocolate pot au creme and a peach tarte tatin.  All were amazing.  The French press coffee was a perfect accompaniment. I always look forward to dining at Le Vieux as I know I will find wonderful, different dishes to enjoy.   Things to love:  amazing menu that changes often, phenomenal service and great prices.

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