A Google Prompt

The pop up on my smartphone was timely.

“Reach out to a friend”  was the reminder from Google that I programmed a few months ago. 

I work to keep in touch with my friends through notes, cards, emails, calls.

Sometimes, I call and invite someone over for an impromptu meal, glass of wine or coffee. I have given up on the idea of being the perfect hostess. I would rather be the perfect friend!  

No saints here

While reaching out to others doesn’t qualify me  for sainthood, I know that it matters to my friends when I remember them. I know that it means a lot to me when they reach out to me.    

Reaching out and making a connection can ease my sadness over my daughter-in-law’s illness.*

Reaching out can make me feel useful in a world where many things seem to be going wrong.

Reaching out reaffirms that I am not the center of the universe.  Others have lives worth celebrating and sorrows that I can help them bear.   

Why the pop up was timely.

It prompted me to write a post about  the benefits that I gain from reaching out to my friends.  .

It reminded me that the people with whom I communicate through this blog are my friends too.

So, I am reaching out to you, wishing you well and thanking you for your support, advice, and caring.  

This flower is for you.

~Photo by Lori Greer In Portland~


My young daughter-in-law  was given 6-12 months to live in May 2017.  She is still alive 18 months later. Her life has changed dramatically.  She no longer works. She is in treatment for her Stage 4 cancer almost all of the time.  She has a devoted husband, family and friends who love her and support her. Best of all, she has a rip-roaring, rambunctious wonderful two-year old toddler who brightens all our days.  


5 thoughts on “A Google Prompt

  1. Thank you Lori for this beautiful connection. My heart during this difficult in some ways for us here, year as well often connected with you across the world simply wondering how your daughter-in-law was faring. Bless you for the post and the update. Hope your week ahead reveals many moments of beauty and love.

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