Thanks Google

I am in Alabama caring for my sweet little granddaughter while my son travels to conferences.

She attends daycare in the mornings.  As I was sitting at my desk relishing the chance to work uninterrupted, my phone buzzed with a notification that someone was at the front door.

I quickly opened my NEST video doorbell application on my phone.

I recognized my landscaper and was able to chat with him even though I am several thousand miles away.

He chuckled to hear my disembodied voice coming through the doorbell.

A Great Doorbell

I like my Nest video doorbell.  I can see people as they stand at my front door.

I can review the video and see who visited my home.

It is fun to call friends and say “Sorry I missed you yesterday” to their amazement.

I can check up on workers who tell me “Oh, yes, I was at your house yesterday trimming the hedge.”

It records 24 hours per day and covers a wide area to include the street.

It saves me time when I am working in my upstairs office at home as I don’t have to go downstairs to answer the doorbell.

It lets me know when UPS or FEDEX have left a package.

I like that I can leave the house and the door will automatically lock and unlock as I come and go.

I can unlock and lock the door remotely using my phone.  Great for those times when I need to let someone in the house.

It can be silenced if I wish to be undisturbed for a period of time.  A nap maybe?

So far, neither the wind nor a bird flying past have triggered the bell.

Only once did it go off line for a few minutes but other than that, it has worked perfectly.

It is part of my Google smart home which includes a Google mini, smart thermostat, video doorbell, and keypad.

Thanks Google!





3 thoughts on “Thanks Google

    1. Good morning. Thank you for reading and commenting. Yes, it is a cool app. I love not having to run down the stairs everytime the door bell rings. It is especially great in the evening when I am in bed reading and hear a noise from downstairs. I hope that you have a wonderful day.

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