Thanks Google

I am in Alabama caring for my sweet little granddaughter while my son travels to conferences.

She attends daycare in the mornings.  As I was sitting at my desk relishing the chance to work uninterrupted, my phone buzzed with a notification that someone was at the front door.

I quickly opened my NEST video doorbell application on my phone.

I recognized my landscaper and was able to chat with him even though I am several thousand miles away.

He chuckled to hear my disembodied voice coming through the doorbell.

A Great Doorbell

I like my Nest video doorbell.  I can see people as they stand at my front door.

I can review the video and see who visited my home.

It is fun to call friends and say “Sorry I missed you yesterday” to their amazement.

I can check up on workers who tell me “Oh, yes, I was at your house yesterday trimming the hedge.”

It records 24 hours per day and covers a wide area to include the street.

It saves me time when I am working in my upstairs office at home as I don’t have to go downstairs to answer the doorbell.

It lets me know when UPS or FEDEX have left a package.

I like that I can leave the house and the door will automatically lock and unlock as I come and go.

I can unlock and lock the door remotely using my phone.  Great for those times when I need to let someone in the house.

It can be silenced if I wish to be undisturbed for a period of time.  A nap maybe?

So far, neither the wind nor a bird flying past have triggered the bell.

Only once did it go off line for a few minutes but other than that, it has worked perfectly.

It is part of my Google smart home which includes a Google mini, smart thermostat, video doorbell, and keypad.

Thanks Google!





7 thoughts on “Thanks Google

  1. Isn’t technology wonderful? How did we survive before it? Love the fact you can see who is at the door without (in my case) going to the door. I get a lot of late night callers and refuse to answer the door to strangers.


    1. Good morning. Thank you for reading and commenting. Yes, it is a cool app. I love not having to run down the stairs everytime the door bell rings. It is especially great in the evening when I am in bed reading and hear a noise from downstairs. I hope that you have a wonderful day.

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  2. Wow. Lori I am impressed. For someone who has a mobile phone that does not even work in her own home as a phone…….this sort of technology boggles my mind. Enjoy! Simplicity in life is what I must live but contentment still is my lot. Strength. Peace and Blessings to you.


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