Dealing With Stress…

I am under a lot of stress.

My daughter-in-law has stage 4 cancer.

I started a new job recently which is not going well.  I lost my job…

It is cold outside.

pexels-photo-185939.jpeg dealing with stress pexels leah kelley
~Photo Leah Kelly~

Taking a break this morning before I tackle my day, I read a bit.  Not the news as it would only add to my stress.

As my world seems to be overwhelming and falling apart simultaneously, I found this quote.

Let your watchword be order and your beacon beauty.   ~Daniel Burnham

I enjoyed reading about his work as an architect. I want to watch the documentary about him.  

Make No Little Plans – Daniel Burnham and the American City[33] is the first feature-length documentary film about noted architect and urban planner Daniel Hudson Burnham, produced by the Archimedia Workshop. National distribution in 2009 coincided with the centennial celebration of Daniel Burnham and Edward Bennett’s 1909 Plan of Chicago. Wikipedia

A Call Just in Time

In the middle of writing this a good friend who is wintering in Arizona called to check on me.  I hesitated to take her call as my work backlog is staggering and I needed to start working.

I am so glad I did answer the phone.  It was a mental health break that I sorely needed.

Talking with her, which might be seen as wasting time by some, helped me to regroup and approach today’s challenges in a calmer manner.  

Now to work!

14 thoughts on “Dealing With Stress…

  1. Never underestimate the benefit of talking, thinking, reading or even gazing out the window during the workday . Sometimes it is all that is needed to inspire you to tackle the next task


  2. NEVER underestimate the benefits of talking, listening, reading, thinking and even staring out the window fir awhile during the work day. Often just the inspiration you need to tackle the next task

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  3. Lori this does seem very stressed. Every single day irrespective of plans, needs etc I personally believe it is vital that we sit and simply BE….look out the window….focus on a beautiful picture or an image but time (maybe only a five minutes)…… to BE, All the :stuff’ no matter how important it may be is absolutely NOTHING if you fused in the process. I have seen it happen time and time again to often the least likely ones. Take time to LIVE every single day.


  4. Life’s challenges can be so overwhelming. I know as I am dealing with quite a few myself and sometimes my mind starts drifting to the area of this is too much, but my Faith carries me through and the support of my closest friends push me out of my “funk”. Hoping for a happy, blessed and prosperous 2019 for us all!

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