Belle is an old dog of unknown heritage, beloved by my son.

He and Belle found each other in the months shortly after my husband/his father died.

Belle has never asked much as if knowing that she was lucky to have been rescued and given a good home.

About a year ago she had a stroke and we felt it might be the end for her.  My heart broke for my son at the thought of losing Belle when his wife’s life hung in the balance.

It was too much to bear.

But, Belle has rebounded. She lists to one side when she walks and seems to have lost her hearing.  Yet she is still with him asking very little, just the chance to be part of the family.

When I visit, I banish Belle from my bedroom due to my allergies.

Belle. Photo by Lori Greer in Portland

Tonight, I found her hiding on the floor on the other side of my bed.  I could not send her out of the room.  I was overcome with emotion for this sweet dog who has been a constant in my son’s life for over ten years.

So, I will pop another allergy pill, use my nasal spray and my inhaler and hope for the best.  I feel that it is the least I can do for this gentle, loyal creature.

14 thoughts on “Belle

    1. Thank you Susan. Belle and I made it through most of the night. Then she decided that she wanted to sleep in her own bed so off she went. She is a very sweet dog so I am glad that she did stay if only for part of the evening. I hope you have had a great day. Lori

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    1. In the past I have always felt coldhearted when I shooed her from my room. I know that her time left is short and I know what a comfort she has been to my son. I hope that you had a great weekend. How are things in Canada?

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      1. I can appreciate the effort it took to get past the allergies and give the dog a break. I sure hope your weather is better than ours for the Christmas holiday time. We’ve had a huge long-lasting system of wind and rain and it is getting to be a bit much. A few flakes of snow would be nice but I know I’d soon change my tune if I had to drive in it. So I’ll just put my hood up over my head and brave the elements if I have to go out. Have a nice time over the holidays, Lori. All the best.

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  1. Beautiful share, Lori. My two rescues (getting on in their years) are the most loyal beings any human could want. I suspect Belle is still with your son because he knows his companionship is needed. Thank * you* for sacrificing a bit to let Belle know she is loved and appreciated.

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    1. As my son’s world falls apart, Belle’s presence is a comfort. I am glad that you have rescued animals…it is a wonderful thing to do. My Goldendoodle is a rescue who suffered for 5+ years. She still has seissuesparation but for the most part has blossomed into a wonderful, loving companion.


  2. I shed a tear as well. I’m sorry to learn you have allergies to animals. It must be restricting. What a beautiful story of love and devotion. Dear Belle and I hope you slept well with her close by.

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    1. Allergies are a pain…and can leave me feeling so miserable with not being able to breathe (the worst) or congested. Belle continues to amaze us with her steady and quiet companionship. She is always here. I hope you are well, my friend, and enjoying the holidays. Love, Lori


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