Branded Litter Begone!

Reading this article in the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) this morning made me happy.

Chagrin or a frown is my usual response to business articles in the WSJ.

Not their fault, just the nature of the beast.

unnamed.jpg haagen daaz cmo today, wsj
“Haagen-Dazs ice cream will be among hundreds of products available through a new refillable-container project.” PHOTO: TERRACYCLE, The Wall Street Journal, CMO TODAY.

“First up, the milkman is back.

Packaged-goods marketers are trying to counter the accusation that they basically sell “branded litter,” as Unilever CEO Alan Jope describes the charge, by testing home delivery of containers that can be recollected, cleaned and refilled.

The trials will include Pantene in an aluminum bottle, Tide in a stainless-steel box and Tropicana in a glass bottle, the Journal reports. Unilever estimates that it can refill each steel container of Axe or Dove deodorant for eight years.

“People talk about recyclability and reuse and say they’d like to be involved in helping the environment,” a PepsiCo marketing executive said, “so let’s see if it’s true.”*

This article is from CMO TODAY, by Nat Ives, The Wall Street Journal.

In Portland, Oregon I can use my own containers at the New Seasons stores for bulk groceries (herbs, spices, grains, peanut butter, flours, teas, candies, cookies) and some personal cleaning products.

I love that I can buy a teaspoon of a spice that I rarely use.  I have bought 4 bay leaves for a stew.  Yes, I have to plan ahead but I know that the ingredients are fresh.

So, I say, Bring it on!” to the PepsiCo marketing executive musing about people’s commitment to recyling and reuse.  *

I am all for recycling and helping the environment.


6 thoughts on “Branded Litter Begone!

  1. I’m glad you are sharing awareness of how we have too much packaging. Reusables are a good aid to reaching a solution. A lot of groups that hold meetings, have a policy of “Bring your own coffee mug” and I think that kind of thing could be done even more. Permanent groceries bags, for example. There are lots of others, I’m sure.

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  2. this is fantastic. Bring it on. We have not reached this point yet but 10c back on all bottles and suitable containers has cut down a lot of litter and excess in our recycle bins. I love the idea of small amount of spice and herbs etc. Mine tend to set on shelves for years. Fresh on a weekly or fortnightly basis . please bring it on! (here too!)

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