Meet Me at XICO!


The Oregonian names XICO  as one of Portland’s best restaurants for 2016.

The Oregonian names XICO  2015 “Cuisine of the Year!”

The Oregonian names XICO 2014 to the list of top 10 Portland restaurant bars: Bar Tab

The Oregonian names XICO’s trout pozole as one of Portland’s top ten dishes in 2013.

I am dreaming of dinner at XICO tonight.

What to order?   A happy dilemma!

Their rotisserie chicken dinner for two with rice and beans and fresh tortillas?

Guatemalan tamales with chicken:  two Mayan chicken tamales wrapped in banana leaves, stuffed with poached chicken in a fantastic sauce?

Perhaps the black cod pozole, or  the goat barbacoa?

Whatever I chose, the food will be freshly prepared and beyond delicious!

To describe XICO as a Mexican restaurant is like calling a Ferrari just another car.

Yes, it is a Mexican restaurant.  Just as a Ferrari represents superior Italian design, XICO offers authentic Oaxacan cuisine.

The owner Liz and chef Kelly visit Oaxaca often to refine their already impressive knowledge of authentic Oaxacan food.

Ingredients are sourced locally and prepared using old Mexican methods including grinding fresh masa.

Making Masa

A winner of numerous awards, XICO strives to be the best and they are!

It is a beautiful place with colorful interior decor, an event space and, when the weather cooperates, wonderful patio dining.  You will feel like you are deep in the heart of Mexico!


3715 SE Division St, Portland, OR. 97202

See you there!

16 thoughts on “Meet Me at XICO!

  1. I miss Oregon!!! Wow! Portland now has such good restaurants? I used to drive from Eugene to Portland Chinatown….ha ha as student. Time flies, changes felt. Thanks for sharing and I hope your dinner was yum

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  2. Sounds like a great restaurant, especially as it features one of my favorite cuisines. I have friends in Portland and will let them know about Xico – of course, they may already be familiar.

    Oh, and thanks – now I think I’m hungry. 😀

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