Merci M. Matisse!

It is Friday.  July is more than half over.  I feel a bit of panic. Continue reading “Merci M. Matisse!”

Go Forward in Faith

Chalk drawing on a street in the Hollywood District, Portland, Oregon  June 2016


When my boys were small, I learned to look at the world through their eyes.   Continue reading “Go Forward in Faith”

Words from the Buddha


Tonight while organizing my calendar I ran across this quote from the Buddha. Continue reading “Words from the Buddha”


Sign in the Fat Apple Bakery in Poulsbo,Washington

We are all travelers…

“We are all travelers in the wilderness of this world, and the best that we find in our travels is an honest friend.”  Robert Louis Stevenson

Safe travels this busy holiday weekend.

Happy July 4th!


If I go about my day. And randomly stop. And try to imagine that 49 people right next to me would be shot and killed. I cannot imagine it. My brain won’t allow me to look at my family, friend…

Source: 49

Street Artist Guido Vermicelli

Walking along NW Thurman on Sunday I met the charming Guido Vermicelli.

Guido Vermicelli, NW Thurman, Portland, Oregon

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Creating Beauty



Lately, I find myself yearning to create physical beauty.  I want to sit and paint.  I want to sit and draw.  I want to experience the world in a different way.   Continue reading “Creating Beauty”

Some Gave All

Photo taken in Tuscumbia, Alabama    November 30, 2014


The American Revolution, The War of 1812,  The Mexican-American War, The Civil War, The Spanish-American War, The Moro Rebellion, World War I, World War II, the Korean War, the Vietnam War, the Persian Gulf War, the Kosovo War,  the War in Afghanistan, The War in Iraq, the War on ISIL.

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Rara Avis

In a shop window on La Cienaga Boulevard, West Hollywood, Los Angeles,  May 2016

Ever since I was a little girl, I have been inspired by strong women from all walks of life and from all periods of history.   Cleopatra, Catherine the Great, Mother Teresa and Iris Apfel …the list goes on.    Continue reading “Rara Avis”