My small town bank

I ventured into the local branch of my bank yesterday.

This has been my bank for over a decade.

All of the tellers were new. 

I needed a photo ID to make a deposit and check on my balance.

The branch manager was new.

Gone are the days of walking in and chatting with the tellers and/or the branch manager.

Also gone are the days of running into the bank’s employees at the Farmers’ Market or around town. 

They don’t live here.

They are just passing through.

I know that I should be grateful that the bank is still open when so many branch offices are closed.

Also, I should be grateful that I can walk into the branch without an appointment.

Yet, I miss the old days.

The staff knew me and I knew them.


My garden runneth over

There is no room in my garden for another living thing.

I have my hands full taking care of what I have.

It is amazing how much attention even a small garden requires.

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What’s the big deal?

What’s so hard about wearing a mask?

I wear one while exercising at the gym.

I wear one dining in a restaurant until my food is served.

I wear one in my drawing class.

Wherever I go, I am happy to do my part.

I don’t like wearing a mask but I accept wearing it for the greater good.

I wish everyone else felt the same.


Crying in church

I don’t cry very much.

In fact, I wish I could cry easily  and more often.

Over the years I have learned to maintain control.  

My emotions are contained.

I wear a happy face. 

Masks and sunglasses have helped maintain my facade.  

Unless I am in church.  Then my guard is down and tears come easily.   

“Amazing Grace” did it for me this past Sunday.

The healing grace of a good cry.

Does a body good.

A bit of decadence

Coffee latte with cardamom and flower petals

Yummy on a cool fall day.

More calories than caffeine.

I’m a sucker for anything with cardamom.

What’s your favorite coffee?

My black hole

You don’t have to be a physicist to identify a black hole.

Nor do you have to be a scientist to deal with one.

All that is needed is determination and resolve.

I think. I hope.

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Thursday’s Child

Thursday is the day I was born, eons ago in a galaxy far, far away.

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Bright morning…

Good morning,

I wanted to share some simple things.

First, my wonderful breakfast with fresh tomatoes from my one plant. It produces a lot of tomatoes! In addition to brushcetta on rye toast, I added a kale salad. Of course, freshly brewed coffee was on the menu!

Yellow roses from my garden. These are from a tiny plant that I received as a gift many years ago. The rose bush is now a monster!

My new kitchen cabinets! These were a run of the mill wooden color until recently. I took a huge leap of faith and had them painted white. The transformation was amazing. My kitchen looks brighter and larger.

If you look past the roses, you can see my “ghost chair”. It is a great addition to my small living room. Not the most comfortable but it works for short sessiions.

Have a wonderful day,


A small investment

My thanks to the kind person who wrote this note.