Way to go!

It’s Friday afternoon.

I am hot thanks to 100º weather. Continue reading “Way to go!”

Miss Marjorie Fay



When  I struggle with phrasing, expressing my thoughts, or finding the right word, I call on Miss Marjorie Fay. Continue reading “Miss Marjorie Fay”

Works for me!

Happy Sunday from Cuchara, Colorado!

Sign at the general store in Cuchara, Colorado. A place of peace and quiet.

Music to My Ears!


Mirror on the wall…

Mirror mirror on the wall….

Sign on the wall at Bitter Creek Brewing, Rock Springs,Wyoming, August 2016

My travels in the Great American West!

Sweet Dreams

It has been a long day.  The sun is finally setting in the Pacific Northwest.  It is beautiful to watch the shadows fall in my garden.  Continue reading “Sweet Dreams”

Words of wisdom.

Pay no attention to the faults of others, things done or left undone by others.


Merci M. Matisse!

It is Friday.  July is more than half over.  I feel a bit of panic. Continue reading “Merci M. Matisse!”

Go Forward in Faith

Chalk drawing on a street in the Hollywood District, Portland, Oregon  June 2016


When my boys were small, I learned to look at the world through their eyes.   Continue reading “Go Forward in Faith”

Words from the Buddha


Tonight while organizing my calendar I ran across this quote from the Buddha. Continue reading “Words from the Buddha”