Mother & Son


The upside of cleaning closets is to find sweet little notes like this treasure.

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Monday, Monday**

Monday mornings can be either wonderful or dreadful. Continue reading “Monday, Monday**”

My Bad Boy!

In case you are wondering (and I know you are), I have a love-hate relationship with gas.

I am nervous when something seems to go wrong such as a wonky pilot light.

I often leave a window or door partially open when using gas.

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Happy Birthday Mabes!

As a new bride I brought no domestic skills into my marriage. I was worthless!

My husband did not care as he was adept at so many things many of which he learned from his incredible mother Mabes.

Plus, he had learned to take care of himself thanks to the Army and living on his own. Continue reading “Happy Birthday Mabes!”

Cool water**


Yes, I know water is good for me.

And I do try to drink at least eight glasses or more daily.  But somehow, especially, in the cold weather, I am lucky to drink two glasses!

Then again, I inhale coffee all day long. So, it’s not that I don’t drink.   Just not water.

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My New High Maintenance Boss!

Normally, I would not complain about my boss in a public forum.  It is unprofessional and usually accomplishes nothing.  Plus, you know the old saying about if you can’t say anything good about someone…But, here goes. Continue reading “My New High Maintenance Boss!”


“We can make choices.  We can create options to maximize our inner peace and serenity, our health, and our sense of self-worth.”  Edward T. Creagan, M.D.  Mayo Clinic

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Deer in the Headlights



Here we are in December!

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Holiday tales of pet escapades from Dr. Duggan (or – how to try and keep pets safe over the holidays) ♥

Good advice for keeping our pets safe.

Oswego Veterinary Hospital

         The fall and winter holidays are here again, times of the year when we often change up our routines with extra visits from friends and family, and along for the ride come foods, treats, and appealing decorations, packages and gifts.  Sometimes, these can be a hazard to our family pets. Hopefully, you and your pets have made it through Halloween and Thanksgiving unscathed.

         There are many resources out there which talk about holiday hazards.  Many foods are hazardous to dogs, either because they are toxic (such as chocolate or grapes), or can harm their digestive tract (bones, or food packaging, or bread dough), or for other reasons. Check out this ASPCA link for more:  Other hazards can be unexpected. The puppy chews an extension cord for the holiday lights. A house cat sneaks outside and gets lost when the front door is left open by a…

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The World Needs More You In It



It is a word that my friends and I toss around.

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