Talking About Sex

In 8th grade, my girlfriends and I exchanged so much mis-information about sex.  It is amusing today to recall our conversations. 

Yet, it was sad that many of us did not have anyone to talk to about what was happening to our bodies, to comments we heard or to feelings we had.

My Mother told me when I was ten years old that Sex is a beautiful thing between two married people.

Gym teachers and health ed teachers approached the topic in the same way.

None of the parents or teachers or other adults in our lives had any idea that we “good girls” in 8th grade were talking about sex.

Planned Parenthood

Empowering young people with the correct knowledge and thoughtful answers to questions about their sexuality has to be a good thing.

I see this as an addition to parental guidance.

I believe most parents, even today, are ill-equiped or uncomfortable with the subject.

im-49474.jpg planned parenthood wsj
“Planned Parenthood has developed a chatbot aimed at 13- to 17-year-olds who spend much of their time online.” PHOTO: PLANNED PARENTHOOD

Planned Parenthood is rolling out a chatbot to answer questions about sexual health, part of a larger communications effort by the group to bring sex ed to the young masses, CMO Today reports. The AI-powered tool, created by a design shop that sought guidance from high-school students in Brooklyn, also comes as the organization defends its role in a country divided on approaches to sex education for teens.

“In this environment, it’s more important than ever that we have as many methods as possible to reach people where they are for healthcare and education,” said Leana Wen, president of Planned Parenthood Federation of America.*

You may access the website only a mobile device at

I tried it and was pleased at the tone and scope of the questions and the answers.

First, users are cautioned not to give any personal or identifying information.

Second, all communications are private.

*This picture and the article in quotes are from today’s edition of the Wall Street Journal (WSJ), CMO TODAY, Nat Ives.


4 thoughts on “Talking About Sex

  1. I will always be grateful to my parents. My father was uncomfortable about talking to his son but taught him FIRST that respect for people you LOVE brings out the best of human potential. My Mum focussed on the value of a woman and how she had to have respect for her body and every way in which her body was ie groomed, cared for, food intake, but most of all when it came to LOVE. Know absolutely that no one who truly loves you would in any way do anything to harm or hurt your body or you as a person. I remember as I was growing up I told many boys on life’s journey my feelings about purity and respect. I am grateful that without all the pollution that many have to wade through today, this navigated me through many seas. Even our daughter said that at Uni a proposal that she knew would make her Mum and Dad sad was rejected. (ie let’s LIVE TOGETHER). The response from the supposed one who loved her was ‘ Oh well, There’s plenty of girls out there who would be happy to live with me.). Indeed they did. Many women, many ruined lives and still no happy outcome for this once young man who now is an old broken wreck. Our daughter has a husband and children who are both goal setters and achievers. (and caring human beings as well).


  2. Oh boy. Where was this when I was that age? My mother was clinical and prudish about it–and the nuns at school would tell us to “abstain.” Oy. Kids deserve better.


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