Child Labor

With the high cost of cancer treatment, it is important that all of our family pitch in and help!


Seriously, after losing her job and health benefits, my daughter-in-law was out in the cold as far as paying for her outrageously expensive cancer treatments.

Thank Goodness

She was able to enroll in her husband’s plan.  Thank you, Mr. Obama and the Affordable Care Act.  Otherwise she may have been denied due to a “pre-existing condition”.

She received  help with the extremely expensive cancer medication ($7000 per month for one drug) through the University of Alabama (UAB) and the drug company.

For the GoFundMe campaign that her friends set up to help them with the high costs of cancer treatment.

She and her husband live frugally and well within their means.  Their cars are a 1998 Jeep and a 2003 Nissan.  Nothing flashy.  My son’s mechanical skills (learned from his Dad) help to keep these cars on the road.

Too Bad

We don’t live in Canada or some other country where medical care is a right rather than a privilege of the wealthy.

The hospital where she worked as a nursing administrator could not find a way to let her work part-time.  This is in sharp contrast to my husband’s treatment at the medical facility where he worked.  He stayed on the payroll for almost three years even though he often had to work from bed.  I recall other administrators coming to his room for conferences and business meetings.

If you need your floor cleaned, give us a call.  Our baby Mabel is available in between naps.

11 thoughts on “Child Labor

  1. When I read your posts, I thank God I live in France though, of course, it does mean I can’t avail myself of Mabel’s cleaning services.


    1. Hi Anneli, I credit the high cost of drugs and healthcare in general in America to corporate greed. Profits matter more than peoples’ well-being. It is a rigged system between the drug and insurance companies enabled by our corrupt politicians.
      Sorry if I sound grumpy.
      It’s always good to connect with you. We are enjoying a beautiful late September. Warm sunny days and cool nights.
      Mabel will report for work when she wakes up. She is potty trained now which makes life easier!

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      1. It seems to me to be a shameful way to make huge amounts of money on the backs of the neediest people who have no other options but to pay.
        I think you have your comments section turned off on most of your posts, right? I would often like to leave a comment but that feature is not available (or have I missed it)? Always good to touch base with you. And yes it is a relief to have cooler temperatures and a drop of rain now and then. Have a great weekend.


  2. I’m grateful for living in Australia because our facilities for poorer folk are intrinsic to our health system. We don’t need programs like which Obama put into place (sadly, went too far when things like abortion could be had by young girls (without even telling their parents because it was their right). (even sex changes).
    (Cancer care when someone is fighting for their lives should all be FREE. Here those with even minor health cover get help and the Government endeavours where possible to bridge the gap. Sometimes drugs found to be proven can be obtained FREE. But, what your dear One needs sadly even here may not be obtainable without great expense.
    My heart is very ‘connected’ to you dear Lori in this battle and would love the help of your little maid. Blessings and Peace!

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  3. Yes, I do agree as well. Most of all, all medicine should be free of charge… but there are huge “cartels”, Pharmaceutics firms having the monopoly on the sale of drugs.
    I guess we don’t have any ideas what’s behind all that.
    Here in Switzerland, I pay around 500.- US$ monthly for my health care insurance… I’m fortunate of being seldom sick and because of it, I almost never use it (for some drugs we pay the 10%, the rest is paid by the healthcare insurance).


    1. Hello, thank you for reading and sharing your thoughts and experiences. Yes the big drug companies have us in their clutches. Big profit means more to them than peoples’ lives do. It is disheartening & maddening. I am glad that you are rarely sick and have wonderful health care. Lori

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  4. My Mom’s cancer drug we no longer can afford….it stopped working effectively for her any way, but it has totally angered me that the co-pays on these LIFE altering medications are financially out of reach for so many of us….just makes me angry and so, so sad….


  5. That is one adorable picture, Lori! ❤
    I hope your daughter in law gets all the help she needs. Medical bills are the worst, and I live in a country where health care is a right and not a fight and I still say so. Wishing you all all the best.


  6. I’m so sorry to learn how much your daughter and her family struggle with bills when the only struggle they can really deal with is her health – and I wish her good health, though I know what you’ve written about her devastating illness.

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