My garden runneth over

There is no room in my garden for another living thing.

I have my hands full taking care of what I have.

It is amazing how much attention even a small garden requires.

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Crying in church

I don’t cry very much.

In fact, I wish I could cry easily  and more often.

Over the years I have learned to maintain control.  

My emotions are contained.

I wear a happy face. 

Masks and sunglasses have helped maintain my facade.  

Unless I am in church.  Then my guard is down and tears come easily.   

“Amazing Grace” did it for me this past Sunday.

The healing grace of a good cry.

Does a body good.

My black hole

You don’t have to be a physicist to identify a black hole.

Nor do you have to be a scientist to deal with one.

All that is needed is determination and resolve.

I think. I hope.

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Thursday’s Child

Thursday is the day I was born, eons ago in a galaxy far, far away.

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Bright morning…

Good morning,

I wanted to share some simple things.

First, my wonderful breakfast with fresh tomatoes from my one plant. It produces a lot of tomatoes! In addition to brushcetta on rye toast, I added a kale salad. Of course, freshly brewed coffee was on the menu!

Yellow roses from my garden. These are from a tiny plant that I received as a gift many years ago. The rose bush is now a monster!

My new kitchen cabinets! These were a run of the mill wooden color until recently. I took a huge leap of faith and had them painted white. The transformation was amazing. My kitchen looks brighter and larger.

If you look past the roses, you can see my “ghost chair”. It is a great addition to my small living room. Not the most comfortable but it works for short sessiions.

Have a wonderful day,


A small investment

My thanks to the kind person who wrote this note.

In the cool of the morning

It’s lovely to sit outside first thing in the morning.

I feel as though I have the world to myself.

The flowers, the birds and the cool air soothe me.

I relax. I let go.

I do a ten meditation on inner work.

I sit for a few minutes more.

Now, it’s time to start my day.

Have a lovely day.


This is the rest of the story for those who read my “Pretty Cool” post.

The Google Assistant worked perfectly.

It made my restaurant reservation for the correct time, date and number of people. I could not have done it better myself.

The young person who showed me to my table was amused that I was nervous about a computer-generated transaction.

Oh well.

And no, Google did not pay. Darn it!

Flowers from a neighbor

A lovely vase of flowers.

A gift from a neighbor

A bit of kindness that made me happy.

Waiting for May

I said no when my dentist first recommended Invisalign.

I balked at the money especially as I thought it was a cosmetic procedure.

Plus, I had a dying daughter-in-law on the other side of the country.

This seemed a luxury I could not afford in time, money or attention.

Besides, I have been blessed with great teeth thanks to my mother’s family.

I have never had a problem. My teeth looked fine.

But as we know, aging brings new challenges.

My teeth were beginning to shift little by little to one side. This meant keeping them clean would be difficult as food would become trapped between the eventual overlapping teeth.

At my last checkup my dentist encouraged me to reconsider the procedure. Now, I have to point out that my dentist does not offer Invisalign. It became a stitch in time and what better time to do this than during a pandemic when I would be homebound?

So in October, I had my first set of trays which I needed to wear 22 hours everyday. I had to take them out before each meal and brush my teeth afterwards. I could only drink plain water with the trays in my mouth.

That doesnt’ sound so hard, does it? Piece of cake!

I soon realized that I had to change my ways! With only two hours per day that I could eat, I had to plan when I would take the trays out. I gave up sipping a glass of wine while cooking. After a meal, I rushed to clean my teeth and replace them before I cleaned the kitchen.

I gave up snacking…too much trouble to take them out, eat and then clean my teeth.

So, I became intentional about when I ate. The pandemic helped in that I ate 99% of my meals at home.

May 4 is my final evaluation. If it goes well, I will say goodbye to my 22 hour per day trays and hello to my night time only retainer.

I can hardly wait!

Wish me luck on May 4th!!

~Some notes about Invisalign. I never wore braces as a kid so this experience was new for me. I liked that the trays were almost invisible in my mouth. l liked that I could take them out to eat. There was never any pain, just some pressure at times especially when I switched to a new set. I am amazed at the results.