Early Days of Grief

The early days of grief were spent in a fog.  For that reason, I caution women to be very careful with their finances.  I later realized that I had  paid bills with checks written to the wrong people, sent to the wrong company, not signed or for the wrong amount.  I just could not concentrate.

Looking back, I should have asked a trusted friend or  family member to write my checks for me.  At the very least, I could have taken my bills and checks into my bank where they would have written the checks for me.  The bank tellers and manager were that caring.

Speaking of banks, although they were far away in Texas, USAA Bank was wonderful with their over the phone help and the materials that they provided for me as a new widow.  Sadly, I think with many active duty members they probably deal often with widows.

I was lucky as there were no serious repercussions. It could have been a serious problem.

There is so much to think about and, yet, it seems as though the world has stopped. At some point, someone recommended buying at least ten copies of my Husband’s death certificate which I did.  I was glad I did because I need an original for changing accounts into my name.  In retrospect, I probably would have left many things such as the utility bills and and cell phone service in his name.  It really did not matter.  In fact, in dealing with large companies such as the cell phone service provider, it would have been a blessing.  After several years of wrangling with them, I just left the phone in his name.

4 thoughts on “Early Days of Grief

    1. Hello, thank you for sharing your loss with me. I read somewhere that “All relationships end in death”. It was a stunning thought. I hope to maximize happiness in my life and with my loved ones before those final goodbyes.

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