In my previous life, I had an identity as a wife of someone, a mother of sons, the owner of a business and a member of a community.  

As my husband died and my sons left home almost in the same breath, I found myself suddenly with a new identity as a widow.  I was left with a big house with lots of memories and empty rooms.  There was no one living there but my standard poodle and me.  There was no one coming home for dinner, needing to use the car or needing laundry done.  My relationships with my sons, my in-laws, my friends and the world at large changed. These were normal changes but, at times, they were difficult and hard to accept.  As I worked through acceptance of these changes, I became a stronger and more confident person.

As I describe my journey of loss, change and rebuilding of relationships , I hope my experiences will resonate with others and provide insight and comfort.

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