Cherish One Another

Two friends were recently married but opted out of a honeymoon.  This was not because they could not afford a trip or could not  take the time away from their jobs.  Rather, it was a promise to each other to live their lives together in a joyous, meaningful fashion so that everyday was a honeymoon.  Or, as Mark Twain said about his wife “Wheresoever she was, there was Eden.”
― Mark Twain, The Diary of Adam and Eve

I find my friends’ decision to be utterly charming and romantic but also a declaration of their values. Sometimes I think it is too easy to lower one’s standards and expectations for ourselves and our significant others.  Falling down that slippery slope in how we live our lives and treat our loved ones can make each day drudgery and even lead to the demise of a relationship.

Early in my marriage I committed myself to treating my family as well,if not better, on a daily basis as I would treat my colleagues at work, friends or even strangers on the street.  If I could dress up for work, put on makeup and greet others politely surely I could try to always dress and act in a pleasing manner for my husband and sons who were the center of my universe. This was a simple choice but it set the tone.

Later, when caring for my husband during his terminal illness, I made an effort to look nice.  I was glad that I did as he once commented that he would hate to see me appearing bedraggled during his many hospital stays and doctor visits.  My “uniform” was simply black pants and black tops with simple jewelry.  Easy to accessorize and always polished.

When we respect and value ourselves, our family,our friends, and our relationships and act accordingly, we can enjoy a bit of Eden everyday.

14 thoughts on “Cherish One Another

  1. I love Adam’s Diary and Eve’s Diary by Mark Twin. Such a beautiful story of how a relationship grows and how one comes to know the love of their life. This is absolutely wonderful advice that I am going to take to heart.


    1. I read something recently about we have to turn inward to truly love someone. I think part of the idea was about finding time to allow love to grow without being diluted by distractions and outside influences.

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  2. Love these sentiments. I am still dipping in and out of your Blog and try to read something different from it. This one today was very apt for me, currently. I love the way you are so positive.. thank you


  3. I so totally agree – cherish our relationships… I’m so sorry you lost someone precious to you and how wonderful that you clearly understood the value of your love and the importance of taking the time to show your family such care and attention..


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