Italian New Year’s Eve Party

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Our fun Italian New Year’s Eve Party!

When it’s 3 P.M. in Portland, it’s midnight in Rome. So, my friends and I raise our glasses to toast each other and the New Year. We enjoy a delicious Italian feast at a local restaurant and then go home.  We avoid the crowds and driving late at night.  It’s the perfect solution…celebrate with friends, go home and relax on the couch while the ball drops on Times Square!

How about you?  How do you celebrate New Year’s Eve?



8 thoughts on “Italian New Year’s Eve Party

  1. We love fresh starts..daily, monthly and, of course, yearly. We made a wonderful start with a good encounter with new people!


    1. It was great to talk with you and your husband. How are you? We attended a wonderful music program last night at the Milagro Teatro. Ida Rae Cahana, cantor at TBI, performed. Tonight (1/19) is the last night.


  2. Always alone with my beloved. One of us takes coal money and food outside and come in on the strike of Big Ben where we are greeted with a drink a hug and a kiss. It’s my wife’s late parents tradition. We carry it on. X

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