Italian New Year’s Eve Party!


For me a lot of the fun of a trip, an event or, in this case, a party is the anticipation.  It is the same with the Italian New Year’s Eve party that happens tomorrow!  

My friends and I will gather (30 total) at an Italian restaurant at 2:30 to enjoy an artisan meat and cheese plate with prosecco.  At 3 (midnight in Rome) we will raise our glasses to toast the New Year “Felice Anno Nuovo”!  Then we sit down to savor a scrumptious Italian feast to the light jazzy sounds of our saxophonist.    After the last glass of wine and the Dolcetti chocolates, we will say “buona sera” and head home for a cozy evening by the fire!

I know that family, friends and faith are what matter.  Although my family can’t be here, I am excited that my friends from the neighborhood, the Italian Book Club, my church and my gym will be there to reflect and celebrate the passing of the old and the promise of the new year.

Ruth Wariner, author of The Sound of Gravel,will join us before she begins her book tour.  Cliff, with his wife Bobbie, will celebrate his birthday!

Yesterday my friend Linda came over to help with the place cards (pictured) and brought me a lovely Italian bouquet (pictured).  Linda and her husband Kevin are frequent visitors to Italy and belong to the American chapter of an Italian hiking club

Most the women attending are looking forward to dressing up. I am not sure about the men!  At least, no male guests have called asking what to wear!   I am adding a touch of frivolity with my Frida headband from Bonnet, my white sequinned scarf and my jeweled little  date bag (all pictured). According to Italian custom, we should wear red underwear to insure good luck in the new year!

Fantastic friends and food with no prep or clean-up.  What a great way to party!

What a great way to end 2015!


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