Shout out to The Shoals.


As an expatriate Southerner, I am amused and delighted to visit the South.

I am amused because as a girl growing up on the beaches of Florida, I could hardly wait to get out of town. It was such a boring place in my teenage mind!  Sometimes we have to search far and away to find what we are looking for even it is down the street in our hometown.

I am delighted because I love the people and the manners.  When I boarded Delta last spring hoping to arrive before my brother’s death I was upset. The flight attendant took one look at me, put her arms around me and within a moment, I was home.  I had that same familiar feeling of being home this morning as I sipped coffee in a mug from Lyons Coffee Roasters in The Shoals, Alabama.  In Portland we take our coffee seriously and insist that  our roasters are the best.  I have to say that this cup of Ethiopian Banko from Lyons Coffee Roasters is really good.

Drinking the coffee made me think of my son and his wife who moved to Alabama a couple of years ago.  I had never heard of The Shoals until I saw the wonderful documentary “Muscle Shoals”.  “Tuneful documentary chronicles the musical legacy of Muscle Shoals, Ala. home of Fame Studios where top musicians have flocked for decades.” on Netflix.

Muscle Shoals Sound Studio
Muscle Shoals Sound Studio

In a few weeks, I will be there to spend time with them, see their new home and enjoy the area.   I will probably do some more shopping at Billy Reid where I found a great jacket on my first visit.  This cup of coffee from Muscle Shoals is my version of Proust’s madeleine evoking sweet thoughts and increasing my anticipation for the trip.  

Sweet Home Alabama….




12 thoughts on “Shout out to The Shoals.

  1. Mmmm, makes me want to go brew me a cup of coffee, but considering it’s after 11:00 here on the Southeastern side, I’ll have to wait till morning. Hope you enjoyed your cup, and I hope you have a blessed upcoming trip! 😊

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  2. I totally get that feeling. I’m from NH and the other day I had to call a company that happened to be located there. The instant the familiar accent answered the phone I felt swept away…peaceful and at home. I told her that I was born and raised there and hearing her speak was like a hug. 🙂 I hope you have a wonderful time!

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  3. I’m so sorry for the loss of your brother. This visit must be bringing up some bittersweet memories for you. I hope more sweet. Today especially, may you have an abundance of grace and peace flood your heart. God bless you.


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