Friendship & Flowers

Linda Flowers

“Let us be grateful to people who make us happy, they are charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.”   Marcel Proust

A little bouquet that I keep on my kitchen counter. I see it every time I make coffee or prepare a meal.  It makes me smile.

It is from my friend Linda.  She gave me the original the end of December. Then she went away for about five weeks touring sunny southern California.  I filled in with rosemary stolen from the plants at the bank near me.

She returned home to Portland  last week  and replenished my floral arrangement from her garden.   It is a simple gesture that means so much to me.

I realize  there might be gaps in our friendship, times when we are apart or “not on the same page”.  Yet, I know we share underlying affection and respect for each other.  To me, that is friendship.

Thank you Linda!


57 thoughts on “Friendship & Flowers

  1. You made me smile with this post. I have a friend that I see 3-4 times a year, a couple of which we have pot luck dinner at one of our houses. A couple of years ago, I took her some flowers in an etched glass vase. The next time they visited our house, she brought the vase back with flowers for me. So, now we have a tradition. We take the vase back and forth. I put a note in the vase when I have it in case I get hit the bus, my husband knows to take her a vase of flowers. Good friends warm the heart. 🙂

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  2. I have a friend who lives in New York….we have been in each others lives for over 22 years….sometimes our paths don’t cross for months, even years…but everytime we do get together its like we haven’t been apart…..friendship is great….kat


  3. You’re right– we’re not always on the same page (even with ourselves!). But those friends who remain in our lives for the distance are more valuable than can be measured.


  4. I so much like the Proust quote and I believe that we never know what impact awe make on a person’s life even if we enter it for a short period. Your post only reinforces that opinion.


  5. The pursuit of beauty in all things does indeed minister to our souls. There is so much ‘stuff’ in our modern world we can CHOOSE to look to the beautiful and to value always people and things that touch the inner core of our humanity. Have a great week Lori.


    1. It’s ironic as just today I was walking around my house bemoaning all of the stuff that I own. Many beautiful and special things but I really would like to be rid of them. People and experiences mean more to me.


  6. What a lovely post. There’s something so sweet about flowers from a friend’s garden (or one’s own). Thank you for following Displaced Beachbums. It gave me a chance to link back to your blog ~ I like your positive attitude.


  7. I realise this post is quite a few months old, but it is so lovely that I wanted to comment! What a beautiful reminder of your friend. It sounds as though you and Linda have the best kind of friendship. 🙂

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