Finding Beauty

Walking down State Street in Lake Oswego, a community south of Portland, I happened to see several fleur de lis on the buildings.wp-1460043288120.jpg

I was charmed that something so functional could be pretty also.

Did someone at the city government choose these?  The contractor? Or, did they fit the bill because they were the cheapest?

The “why” or “how” of these clamps don’t matter to me as much as the fact that they are there.

A bit like the fox from The Little Prince, I look for them when I walk down State Street.

I wonder if anyone else has noticed them.

It reminds me of taking my toddler to the Grand Canyon. Rather than seeing the panorama, he was fascinated by the pretty little rocks that lay at his feet.

State Street is a busy street and it is easy to feel overwhelmed by the traffic and visual stimulation.

I like finding things of  beauty in unexpected places.  They are a “joy forever”.

41 thoughts on “Finding Beauty

  1. A bit like the group of blind men who stumbled across the elephant, each relating a different impression of the animal depending upon which part of it they touched. We must both get down and stand back.


  2. I love Fleur de Lys! And I love that they are a representation of the Iris flower. You have a good eye. I think it’s so cool that the clasps(hinges) were shaped like the Fleur de Lys. 🙂 ❤


  3. Thank you Lori. The truth of finding the richness and beauty in this life by finding the little things is such a blessing. I found the purest white stone in the midst of a dusty dry forest trail I brought it home. What you have written today gave me such joy for the same reason. Its the unexpectedness! It’s the possibilities! What a pretty and beautiful idea the Fleur de Lys ties. Encouraging post!


    1. How special that you were able to see the beauty in something that most of us would pass by. The impact of something so small and normally unnoticed is very special. I can take the time to appreciate the little things in life just as you have soo thank you for this lesson.


  4. Sometimes when Mr FD drops me off for a lesson, and I’m a little early I stroll around the back streets, looking for little details like this. Last time I found the most delightful shutter pins, made in the form of little people. I didn’t photograph them, but certainly they made my day!


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