Mother’s Day in Los Angeles


Mother’s Day  was always a big weekend at our house.  We gathered as a family to celebrate Mother’s Day as well as the birthdays of my husband and our standard poodle. It was a silly, fun and precious time.

The weather was always great so we would grill outside while the cousins chased each other around the backyard.

Happiness was ours for the taking like the perfect apple hanging from a tree.

Those days are over. My Mother, Mother-in-Law and Husband as well as our sweet dog are gone.

Fast forward a few years.

I was in Los Angeles over the last Mother’s Day Weekend.  I was with lovely people having a wonderful time.   My sons were far away with their families.

I put on a brave face but I felt a little sad as we walked to breakfast.

Yet, unexpectedly, I was comforted by the kindness of a stranger who spontaneously wished me “Happy Mother’s Day” as we passed each other on Santa Monica Boulevard.

I don’t know his name and could not identify him if I saw him again.  But for one moment on an overcast day in LA, this young man touched my heart and lifted my spirits.

The kindness of strangers.



37 thoughts on “Mother’s Day in Los Angeles

    1. Yes and sometimes we don’t even know the effect that a kind word can have on another person. Thank you for reading and commenting on my post. Happy Friday from Portland, Oregon.

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  1. Traditions are great for making wonderful memories, but it’s hard when they change, and they always must. We just have to make new traditions in our lives as those changes happen.


  2. So beautiful and kind of uncanny as today I bought a book called ‘The Kindness of Strangers’ edited by Don George and prefaced by the Dali Lama. Its an anthology of travel tales- hinging on the theme of unexpected kindness. You might enjoy checking it out.

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  3. It is hard to celebrate these holidays when your life has changed so drastically. It says a lot about you that you have kept your heart open enough so that it was touched by the kindness of a stranger.


    1. I agree with you that blessings are not always overt and that the kindness of strangers is all around. Luckily I have experienced both of these in my life. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Have a great weekend. Lori

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  4. Thank you Lori for this post. Mothers Day for me also is full of memories. 2016 Although our sons phoned.. time with our daughter and grandchildren was very fleeting…….they seem to be living in such a fast lane..It’s a bit like they are too busy to ‘connect’.. like you it was the precious touch of love from a passing stranger that was as Wendy wrote above… like a heavenly tap. ‘Happy Mother’s Day Darling’ he said. We were often on holidays when Mother’s Day happened in years past. I too remember with gratitude my Mum. My Gran and then later David’s beautiful Mum and how it was so affirming to all ‘connect’ our beautiful dog ‘Chessa’ kissed every hand. The years have passed. All have now gone but I’m grateful and thankful I still have my beautiful husband/partner David. No one knows the future but we can all grab and appreciate the fullness of life as it is and maybe we in our own way can be a ‘touch’ of love in someone else’s life. Happy memories! Happy Mother’s Day memories also!

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  5. Yes it happens some times when out of blue someone unknown and total stranger can make you fell good. Thanks for sharing this stranger moment, it will make us do some kind gestures to strangers.


  6. Lori, looking back at all of your losses, I wanted to say I feel sympathetic towards you. Wish I could have passed and recognized you, then given you a hug. Hope that memories and the smile, as well as the fantastic circle of friends continue to lift you up. 🙂
    Just somehow am getting reconnected with a few special who stopped appearing in my Reader or emails! XO

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