Rara Avis

In a shop window on La Cienaga Boulevard, West Hollywood, Los Angeles,  May 2016

Ever since I was a little girl, I have been inspired by strong women from all walks of life and from all periods of history.   Cleopatra, Catherine the Great, Mother Teresa and Iris Apfel …the list goes on.   

To me, fashion and interior designer Iris Apfel is a fantastic role model who just keeps going at 94!

Hers is a story of fun, passion and exuberance for life.

Her statement, “When you don’t dress like everyone else you don’t have to think like everyone else.” delights and challenges me.

Treat yourself to the delightful biographical documentary “Iris”* on Netflix.

Or, locate a copy of the April-May issue of “Madame” (Air France’s magazine)  to read  a short interview when “Invited for Fashion Week by the Bon Marche department store,the 94-year old American interior designer and fashion icon takes us on a tour of “her Paris”.

Iris’s approach to life is refreshing and affirming.

She seems like the “girl next door”  all grownup, accomplished and yet, approachable.

Iris Apfel is indeed a rare bird!


*(Not to be confused with the movie “Iris” starring Judi Dench about the writer Iris Murdoch…another strong woman.)


30 thoughts on “Rara Avis

  1. She is an amazing woman and fashionista. On Friday’s I am saluting women who are still making their mark in the arts during these bonus years. The column is called Feminist Friday and I invite anyone to link a story about women they admire. Perhaps you would consider linking this Friday.

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  2. Love your reference to strong women. It’s always great to remember as well that many of the strong women were not ‘feminist’ in inclination but passionate women of faith or for family. The very young maiden Mary and her statement ‘Let it be done unto me according to Your Will’. To carry and give birth to a child in the circumstances of her life must have needed incredible strength. Thank you for the post.

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  3. I like strong women and this Iris Apfel is an amazing one to open my mind to art and interior design. For some reason, I usually think of leaders, peaceful activists or women in science or medicine as my “heroines,” Lori.
    So glad you included her, which made me think of the movie, Julie/Julia in which Julia Child seems strong and determined, but underneath it all, she was really insecure.

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