Way to go!

It’s Friday afternoon.

I am hot thanks to 100º weather.

The a/c keeps running and running.  Dollars and dollars.

The drapes are closed.  I feel like a mole.

I am tired and frustrated after spending all day redoing work that I thought was done.

There is no chocolate in the house and it’s too hot to drive to the grocery store.

I am sick of fresh fruit and iced tea.


So, a blogging break and a little silliness!

Here goes!

MacDonald's on the Avenue des Champs-Elysees, Paris
MacDonald’s, Avenue des Champs-Elysees, Paris


In the men’s room at female only conference.


Thanks for your indulgence!   Have a great weekend!!


40 thoughts on “Way to go!

    1. Following your advice. I bought chocolate yesterday which I scarfed down in one session with a refreshing cup of iced coffee. The rest of the day I hid out in my house with the blinds closed! Stay cool!!


    1. Yesterday, I ventured out early in the day to buy chocolate and iced coffee. A perfect combination! Today has cooled off some so I can have my windows open for awhile. Happy Sunday to you!!

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  1. “There is no chocolate in the house and it’s too hot to drive to the grocery store.”
    This a desperate situation. You must, in the future, definitely hide stores of chocolate just for these kinds of emergencies.
    Girl Scouts are always prepared. And chocoholics need to be more so.

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    1. One of the things that used to be so wonderful about Portland was the mild summers. You could count on 70’s most of the summer. The past couple of years we have seen higher temperatures. Fortunately, we get breaks in the weather. This week was terribly hot for a few days, now a respite (high around 85) for a few days and then back up to the 90-100’s. With fall on the way, the extreme heat shouldn’t last much longer. Fall in the Pacific Northwest is incredible.
      Got to find a delivery service for chocolate!
      Cheers from Portland!


  2. Lori, You have just given a perfect description of the weather situation we’ve had here for the last few weeks. Our heat index has gone up to 115F or above more days than I care to admit- even to myself! There isn’t enough time to water everything in the morning before it gets dangerously hot. Some nights our low temp has been 80F. I just hope you haven’t had this hideously hot weather in Portland! Unthinkable! Next time you make a run to the grocery (after 9 PM?) be sure to pick up a bag (or 3) of Hershey’s Special Dark bits and a pint of heavy cream. Make yourself some lovely ganache. If they last to be rolled into truffles, all the better. They are good for the soul. Please take good care of yourself and keep that dopamine flowing strong!


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    1. So far, we have stayed around 100 but I understand about early morning. I walk my dog first thing and then water my plants. If time permits, I repeat both in the evening after the sun goes down.
      I then start to work with a crisp to-do list and the best of intentions. Eventually I start to fade.
      It’s the mid-afternoons that kill me.
      I know that this too shall pass. Just not soon enough!
      Your idea of dark chocolate and heavy cream sounds delicious. How did I not know about this combination??? I have never made ganache even though I have eaten it many times. I will have to try it!! Thanks for the suggestion.
      Sending you hugs and thanks for your nice post.
      Take care of yourself and stay cool!

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      1. Thanks, Lori- hugs back to you! I hope you are finding things you enjoy to do inside your ‘cave’ on these hot summer days. It simply boggles my mind that you have this heat to endure in Portland, of all places!!! Your routine sounds exactly like mine. We try to eat before 11 and after 7 or 8 PM, rarely in the heat of the day, unless it is fruit. Late afternoon is good for reading or napping. Yes, this too shall pass. I shared some of your posts with my freshly widowed brother and he says he has found them very helpful, re-reading as needed. I’m just back from a few days with him ‘cleaning things out.’ Heartbreaking work, but teamwork always prevails…. Hugs, WG


  3. It’s been raining all day here. Do you know a kindly soul that could bring you some much needed chocolate? I always keep mine in the fridge. I should probably pick up some more myself. 🙂

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      1. Same to you, Lori. I love chocolate with my coffee. It’s raining here again which suits me just fine. An excuse to stay inside and relax. The perfect way to spend a lazy Sunday. 🙂

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    1. Hot weather just immobilizes me. We are having a break for a few days. So good to have the windows open and fresh air pouring in this morning. Hope cooler weather comes your way soon. In the meantime, stay cool!

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  4. What, no chocolate???? Mon Dieu! Hop on that emergency now, I beg you.

    FYI – I have been getting notices about your posts, yay! Sorry, I’ve been remiss in visiting much, b/c I’ve transferred my site to being self-hosted now. I’m learning all sorts of new webby, WordPress-y stuff. 🙂 Come visit me and see what I’ve been up to at loriemarsh dot com.


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