Sunday Thoughts


I woke up today at 4 A.M. in Portland, Oregon.  By 10:30 I was in Denver, Colorado.

It has been a long and crazy day.  My son dropped his phone at the airport when he picked me up.

An hour later, he returned to the airport hoping against all odds that he might find his phone.

Thanks to his phone tracking device he located his phone in the hands of a young teenager who was trying to hack the phone. By opening the phone which had my son’s photo, he proved his ownership.  It was an expensive phone so we were relieved to have a happy outcome.

I spent the afternoon coloring, snuggling and watching “Grami’s Circus Show” on Netflix with my grandson Aiden.

Now my daughter-in-law is making a special chicken dinner and we will gather soon to give thanks that, all in all, the day has been good.

We are family and we are together.

Happy Sunday!

29 thoughts on “Sunday Thoughts

    1. There was 3-way encounter between my son, the kid and his parents and airport security. The parents and the kid argued that it was the kid’s phone. When the kid could not open the phone, my son took the phone opened it and showed his picture posted on the phone which resolved the issue. The parents were part of the problem.

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    1. As a new parent, it was so sad to learn that some parents did not support community norms. For example, giving their kids fancy parties at the country club at early ages, blaming others (the school, neighbors, etc) for their children’s poor behavior/performance. The list goes on. It made responsible parenting more difficult. Thank you for your insight.


  1. Discouraging that you often have to prove ownership to get honesty and truth revealed. Like the quote. I always find it encouraging and amazing that so many quotes come from the Bible and have become engrained in the mindset of folks who would not be Christian yet follow in their lives the same precepts gleaned from the Old and New Testaments. Ghandi and the Dalai Lama are often quoted and always inspire.

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    1. I’m smiling at you and Aiden snuggling, coloring, and watching Netflix 😊 Those precious moments make the trip worthwhile. Having loved ones so far away makes it these visits all the more important. I smile hearing your son’s phone story because it seems there is always some little drama going on with my daughter when I arrive at PDX. I hope that your visit is smooth from here more drama and much to appreciate 😊

      And to Faye: Truth is one , paths are many .

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      1. I try to travel off of the holidays, Lori. I was there mid-October for my daughter’s b’day, and hope to return next spring. We miss spending the holidays together since she moved West. But I truly LOVE PDX!


    2. I am an Episcopalian, but I realize that there is a lot of wisdom and guidance in many forms for people to guide them on their life journey. I read from many sources. Take care, Lori


  2. So glad your son got his phone back! Thank goodness for the tracking device. Shame on that kid for trying to hack it and say it was his. I’d love to think anyone would try to find the owner or turn the phone in. Anyway, it was a good outcome, to be thankful for. Have a wonderful time with your son and family, and a beautiful Thanksgiving! xx

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  3. Parents who enforce bad (and criminal) behaviour in their children….disgusting. I will go to the wall for any of my children. I will jump in front of a bus for them. I will take a bullet for them…but I will NOT enable dishonesty nor will I lie for them.
    What the hell is wrong with people anymore?

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