All the little children of the world…

Aiden and I colored this together on Sunday afternoon.

At noon, my five year old grandson Aiden returned from kindergarten excited to share all of the news of his morning at school.  

With only one reminder, he hung up his backpack and settled in for lunch.

For such a little guy he eats a lot.

Then again, we had races up and down the stairs this morning before school.  He always won!   Not setting a good example, I know! Then again, aren’t visiting Grandmothers allowed some leeway?

As we talked over lunch he told me about a drill that they had practiced at school.

“Oh, a fire drill?” I asked.

“No, Oma,” he replied sternly.  “A drill in case bad people come to our school and we have to hide!”

I stopped talking and digested this information.

He is napping now.

I think of him and his school mates who rode the bus this morning.

I think of the children of Aleppo.

Reality sneaks its ugly head in our lives in ways we can not imagine.

 “There is no trust more sacred than the one the world holds with children. There is no duty more important than ensuring that their rights are respected, that their welfare is protected, that their lives are free from fear and want and that they can grow up in peace.”
— Kofi Annan

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25 thoughts on “All the little children of the world…

  1. We are caretakers of this planet for those who come after us, we must protect them both. How terrible is it when we have to teach our children to hide i n one of the two places they should be most safe in.
    xxx Huge Hugs Lori xxx

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  2. i think grandmothers hold a wide berth as far as having fun with our grandies. as a teacher of young children and a grandmother myself, it makes me sad about these drills, as i’ve had to do them in my school as well.

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    1. Aiden and I do have fun. He is non-stop energy! So inquisitive and so sweet. I hate that children are subjected to the terrors of war and unrest in the world including our neighborhoods.


    1. I think our world has been violent for a long time but we get immune when we only see news reports from far away lands. Now, it is more and more in our backyards. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Aiden is a joy.

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  3. The world that these little ones lives in is so sad. My heart aches when I watch how worried my grandchildren are about ‘stranger danger’ when I had such a ‘free’ innocent and beautiful childhood.
    We must make the life we have with them rich in beauty, love and Hope to compensate don’t we. as the remark above states we must LOVE them with all our hearts indeed.

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  4. I was smiling until he told you why they were doing the drill…then a chill went down my spine…..I remember in 2nd grade way back when going through the drills of getting under your desk when the town sirens went off and a brown out followed….just incase the enemy were coming in planes to bomb us…I lived on the west coast near Seattle… how the circle always comes back around…..scary world we live in these days….Happy Thanksgiving to and your family….xxkat

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  5. Gosh – it’s just so sad that we have to teach them about such things at such a young age. My 7 year old granddaughter showed me a little song with actions that they’ve been taught at school to remember the number of ‘childline’ which is a telephone helpline for children to report abuse… So Sad but sadly So Necessary! x

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