The World Needs More You In It



It is a word that my friends and I toss around.

It describes the feeling we have when the world passes us by.


Sometimes we feel the discard.

In a medical setting.

In the bank.

In the business world.

We are defined and limited by  age. Not by who we are.  Not  by our  experiences. Not by our lives.

The model is the older woman. The older man.

There is no deviation from the norm. Not even + or – a few percentage points.

No, the world has neither time nor use for our view points.

We often wish that our society valued all generations regardless of age.

Rather than feeling like a relic or a burden, our elders would  be valued for  their wisdom and experience. We would treasure our young for their enthusiasm, their questioning of the status quo and their promises of new adventures and discoveries.


Just a sign in a small grocery store.*

It made me smile.  It underscored that all of us are needed.  All people have value.

The world needs more you and me in it.

Believe it.  Live it.


*As always, thanks to Zupan Markets for having cool signs in their grocery stores.

21 thoughts on “The World Needs More You In It

  1. So true! In our society, as people age, marginalized is a good description. So many living alone. So many with still so much to offer. But in our times of instant communication and the pace of life, they often go unheard. Good reminder for us!

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  2. This relic here certainly feels it. If I’m waiting at a retail store along with a younger woman, I’ll let you guess who gets waited on first. Now, I will say most will comment that I was there first which is always welcome. Unless you are speaking to someone in your own age bracket, you need a billboard sign on your chest detailing your life experiences in order to even be acknowledged. For those in their 60’s and beyond, the word is invisible. Yes, you hit a hot button. Sorry. 🙂


    1. I agree! It is terrible to be dismissed just because we are older. I believe that the only thing we can do is to support each other and try,when appropriate, to educate/enlighten our youth. A woman I know was dating an older man. He ended up marrying her daughter! Can you imagine? Having known the guy I think she is better off without him but it was hard on her self-esteem. I don’t know what to think about the daughter. Too much drama for me!
      Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Take care, Lori


  3. Agree. The world needs more you in it. We’re all unique, we’re all individuals and have something special to contribute. That is a very meaningful sign, and it must be a great place to get groceries 🙂

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  4. I like the balance you added – not just the wisdom of the older generation who feel marginalized in a world that values youth, but also the energy and why-not attitude of the young in a world that tends to say ‘because that’s the way we’ve always done it’.

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  5. When everyone is marginalized, we all feel excluded, leading to feelings of worthlessness, anger, frustration. If the only thing that counts is being young, we lose years of experience and wisdom. It’s like starting the world over again, and over again. Ground Hog Day without the humor. Thanks for something to think about, Lori.

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