Cool water**


Yes, I know water is good for me.

And I do try to drink at least eight glasses or more daily.  But somehow, especially, in the cold weather, I am lucky to drink two glasses!

Then again, I inhale coffee all day long. So, it’s not that I don’t drink.   Just not water.

My simple solution is also my New Year’s Resolution.

Much easier than trying to  be a better person or train for a marathon or change the world.

I think I can handle this one!

Drink til empty, refill, drink, repeat at least three times every day.  wp-1483383402838.jpg

The bright orange water bottle stands out on my kitchen counter.  It travels well in my car or on long walks.  No excuses!

Keep a movin Dan!   **

**There are many versions of this song on the Internet.  Here is one  Cool Water


38 thoughts on “Cool water**

  1. Happy new year! Good luck with your resolution !! If I got that water bottle I would fill it with iced coffee. Ok, I’m addicted to coffee. Water is so much better for us. I have even tried the ” flavored” waters but nothing other than my lack of discipline is keeping me from cutting back coffee and increasing water. Let us know how it goes and if you feel better! Thank you!

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  2. OH. MY. GOD. The second I saw the title to your post I thought of a song that was one of my dad’s favorites of all time “Cool Water” by the Sons of the Pioneers. I cannot believe you referenced that song. Oh. My. Dan!!!! I just went over to youtube to see if that song was listed. It is. I listened and memories of childhood with my dad were brought to mind. I cannot thank you enough for that!!!

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  3. Thanks for the song (I detest water). I love this song (I detest water). I love Marty’s version of this song (I detest water). I also like Burl Ives’ version of the song (I still detest water). Happy New Year… : )


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  4. Wait… isn’t coffee just flavored water? I also struggle to get my 8 – 10 glasses a day. If I fill up a sport bottle to take with me in my car, I more often than not leave it on the kitchen counter. I do fizz water with my Soda Stream (I never use the flavorings), which I enjoy sipping on in the evenings… it is as satisfying as a glass of wine (OK, I’m lying, but it is pretty good, and no empty calories).

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  5. Beaverton says Hi. Try adding a drop or two of vanilla extract and warming it up a little, somewhere between room temperature and coffee temperature. Your body won’t have to work to warm it up in your stomach so it will go down smoother in the chilly winter months.

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    1. What a great idea!! I will give this a try as I like vanilla. I was in Beaverton yesterday…was that you standing on the corner? Nice to “talk” with a neighbor. Happy New Year!


    1. Great idea to add flavor and some Vitamin C. I know people who drink hot water in the winter. Now, thanks to you, I could join their ranks and meet my water quota. Thanks for the suggestion! Happy New Year.

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      1. I use many different things in my hot water, I have a spearmint plant, its always yummy, cut up rose petals…it can get a bit fragrant but I like the flavor…parsley is another of my favorites….but I really like orange slices…enjoy

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    1. Thanks Ellen. It is such a simple thing but I am not in the habit yet of drinking a lot of water in the winter. I have received some great ideas from other readers so I feel that I am on the way to success! Happy New Year


  6. I too struggle with not drinking enough BUT I also know what is right for me. If I drink too much ie water plus the coffees plus the red wine with dinner (for health reasons I drink this).I walk a lot in the night -(to a designated bladder relief station)… good exercise but not so good as uninterrupted sleep. I know soda water is pretty tasteless but I find it is refreshing and good for hydration on hot days. Love your water bottle. I remember the song Cool water from a few years ago. Hope your New Year Resolution works well. Water consumption in cold weather is much harder than in Summer heat. You can do it! Have a great 2017. !

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  7. I feel your pain! I’m always trying to increase my water intake but I just find water so boring… Like you, I think it’s even more difficult in the winter when, being a Brit, I’d rather drink tea and more tea!

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    1. Yes, the colder weather calls for warm drinks. I find that room temperature water does not make me as cold as water straight from the fridge. Thank you for reading and commenting. Have a wonderful week and a very Happy New Year!

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    1. Changing or creating a habit is the challenge isn’t it? Yesterday, I became so thirsty while shopping. I could hardly wait to get a drink of water. So, maybe my system is starting to crave water. Have a great New Year!

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  8. I read luckily for my 88 year old Mom and myself at 61 years old, that tea, coffee and other liquids “count” and only a small fraction of the water is not to be measured. As a diuretic, it still provides water, Lori. Mom never, ever drank water and I take heart, still low blood pressure, no sugar or cholesterol problems. Yay for caffeine and coffee!


  9. Like one of the previous commenters – I love this song! I know The Sons of the Pioneers version, and love the vocal harmonies. Keep ’em moving Dan, don’t you listen to him Dan, he’s a Devil of a man and he spreads the burning sands with water….(or something like that anyway)

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