Simple Daily Gifts


These are not mind-blowing gifts.

They don’t take a lot of time.  I know because I have timed them.

Yet, these  gifts ease me into each new day with a sense of purpose and calm.  

Setting the Stage

A clean kitchen     Before I go to bed I clean the counters, floor and sink.   It feels great to walk into a relatively spotless kitchen.  I often use the “a lick and a promise” method.

Table setting     My place is set and waiting for me to enjoy my first meal of the day.  I can watch the neighborhood awaken as I enjoy breakfast.

A tidy bedroom     I make my bed before I leave my bedroom. Everyday.  It is amazing how good this makes me feel.  I learned this from the “Win the Day” philosophy of Coach Chip Kelly.


A tidy home     Before going to bed, I take a few minutes to tidy my house.  It is amazing how little time it takes to toss trash, fluff cushions, hang coats, etc.  Yet, the effort is really worthwhile for me.


Prepare basic food     I microwave fresh vegetables to add to other dishes or eat with cheese and/or nuts.  I slice fresh vegetables for a quick, cold snack when I am raiding the refrigerator.
I cook a pot of quinoa, farro or brown rice.


Connect with loved ones     Email, text, a letter…short and sweet and personal to let them know they are in my thoughts.


Why These Work

These are simple.

They are sustainable.

They set the stage for a wonderful day which leads to a wonderful week which leads to a wonderful, satisfying life.

They allow me to focus on what’s important in my life.

     Family, friends, faith, work, play.

26 thoughts on “Simple Daily Gifts

    1. Thank you. As a self-employed person living alone, I find that good habits can make my life easier.
      I updated the photo with the one that you sent and corrected the spelling of your name. Such a pretty name, BTW.

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    1. As my husband lay dying we discussed many times that all we wanted was just a simple unassuming life. I always hold that thought with me as I read about jetsetters, power brokers, wheeler dealers. Thank you for reading and sharing your perspective. Always a pleasure to hear from you!


  1. Great blog post. Do-able indeed. Now I’m older it is indeed the simple ‘tidy’ up that can make the new day itself seem ‘do-able’. If I’m going to be ‘out and about’ ie shopping etc I also have my own storehouse of gifts I need to choose from.. These are …love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, gentleness and self-control). I find if I make a conscious choice of ONE its not as hard to accomplish. For example ‘today I will choose KINDNESS.’ Some of the others may occur but I go out choosing to be KIND in all circumstances. Sometimes the people I encounter may be particularly offensive or angry etc. However I have chosen to be KIND…in all circumstances. Never easy but when I have made this CHOICE it surely comes to mind and is ‘do-able’.

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      1. Good morning Lori, I enjoyed your opinion in Trespassing Across America, your feeling that you could take your eye off the ball a bit when Obama was president reminds me how here, in South Africa, we absolutely cannot afford to take our eye off the ball for a minute. Our ball is literally being snatched away from us by our president, for nothing but his own gain. Words like “state capture” are current, “impeachment” and there is a national call for a vote of no-confidence. Today the country is supposed to be standing together in protest action. I am still on the farm this morning and have not gone anywhere (yet) so am not sure what is happening out there. But there are good people everywhere and I hope and pray that what is just and right will prevail. Your granddaughter is utterly gorgeous, with those Cupie-doll wrists and hands and delightful smile. Enjoy your visit and have a lovely weekend ❤ Jeanne

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