Home Cooking..


The cuisine of Alabama.

Biscuits, okra, greens,BBQ,catfish, pimento cheese, grits, black-eyed peas,watermelon, fried chicken, sweet tea, cornbread, gumbo.

I have been in Alabama for several days but have not eaten any of these traditional foods. 

Asian and Mediterranean food have been on my plate instead. The same food that I choose in Portland. 

Although, Alabama lacks the incredible food scene of Portland, the local restaurants offer a wide array of food choices. 

Interesting how small the world is.

2 thoughts on “Home Cooking..

  1. yES! We like what we like….Now in life I’m all for simplicity. Love to visit and enjoy the finest but simplicity on the home front in where I presently reside. Sometimes a simple salad with steak followed by fruit and a tasty dessert keeps us happy. Love the images etc of beautiful biscuits
    cakes etc.

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