Surefire Babysitting Tip #1

After babysitting for three weeks straight I consider myself an expert on babysitting.

So, I wanted to share my number one tip for babysitting.

I find that this tip works like a charm with a rambunctious seven-month old baby.

This works for Mabel.

Mabel’s favorite drink.

This works for me.

A glass of bordeaux

A bit of grandmother humor!

22 thoughts on “Surefire Babysitting Tip #1

    1. Thanks for the reminder. I need to check on it as my granddaughter is teething. I believe it has fennel & chamomile but I don’t know about other ingredients.
      I hope your new book is coming along. Have a great weekend.

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    1. How are you doing? My granddaughter is running me ragged. I enjoy her so it’s OK. I enjoy happy hour on the front porch with her parents at the end of the day.


      1. I’m hanging in. Trying to figure out if #4 is in a rehab place. I haven’t been able to find him but I guess (according to Loser) he’s okay. I’ve got a hankering to travel but I don’t want to go by myself. 😦
        Maybe someday. 🙂

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      2. It would be so much more fun with a buddy. Sigh. That’s what I had always planned before I found out that Loser was a pig. He always got to travel before…and he and that WTC are getting to travel now.
        Like I said…maybe someday.
        How are you…besides reveling in the glory of your grandchild?

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      3. I am doing fine. Heading home in a few days. I will love being home but will miss my little granddaughter. It is hard being a long-distance grandmother.
        I hope “someday” arrives sooner than later for your travels. Have a great weekend.


  1. I was taking the 4am shift with almost one month old granddaughter for 12 days. Now I’m home and waking up at 4am still. Oye. I didn’t have full care of her just the 4am shift and then hand offs during the day. I can hold an infant and still drink a G & T without spilling….no, not at 4 am at Gin thirty (3:30 pm)

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  2. Hilarious! I remember saying to my wife when we used to babysit our two granddaughters when they were younger….”there’s two of them and two of us, how come I feel outnumbered?”

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    1. I like merlot also…generally very smooth. My three week visit is over. I am back in Portland. Missing that sweet baby a lot!! I have been to see her three times in the first 7 months of her life. Racking up airline miles!
      Have a wonderful week!

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      1. Merlot is a smooth wine and when people say they can “taste” vanilla or berries, I usually cannot separate the wine “tones.” (I don’t admit this around connoisseurs, though. 🙂 )
        Babies are so special and they change in those beginning months. I don’t blame you for spending extra time. It will “bond” you, so wonderful! 🙂

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