Lori & Sons

This is one of my favorite photos.

I am flanked by my two sons.

I used to call them my “boys”

They are men now.  So, they are my sons.

As any mother would attest, they are still my boys.

I do look to them for advice and help.

I enjoy our adult conversations.

I can’t help but give advice even if unsolicited.  I am their Mom!


They are both fathers now.

I am proud of them.

I know that their Dad would be proud of them too.

They are kind, caring, responsible young men.

Fatherhood is a noble and demanding undertaking.

Happy Father’s Day to my sons.

Happy Father’s Day to all fathers regardless of age.


15 thoughts on “Lori & Sons

  1. beautiful Photo. I too have two sons .I know your mother’s heart for them. Hope Father’s Day brought happy memories to them both. Computer crashed here so have been ‘off line’ for several days. That’s why catch up has been delayed.

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