Road trip!

Notes from my recent British Columbia, Canada road trip.

First stop, Victoria for a few days and then up to Whistler for a long, relaxing break.

Street in Victoria, BC August 2017  ~Photo Lori Greer

With the unexpected and never ending hot weather I have lots of indoor plans such as working out, swimming, writing and reading, reading, reading.

Even traveling by car, I have limited space for books so I am relying on my laptop and, of course, my Kindle for reading material.

My Kindle

Faye Roots 61+BJhC3+lL
Beyond the Ashes by Faye Roots ~ Photo Amazon
Julia’s Violinist by Anneli Purchase ~Photo Author


Orion’s Gift by Anneli Purchase ~ Photo Amazon


Reckoning Tide
Reckoning Tide by Anneli Purchase  ~Photo Amazon


The Wind Weeps
The Wind Weeps  by Anneli Purchase  ~Photo Amazon


Also on my Kindle

Donna Leon’s The Commissario Guido Brunetti Series

Alexander McCall Smith’s The Isabel Dalhousie Series


My Laptop

The Washington Post

Brain Pickings by Maria Popova

Farnam Street by Shane Parrish


I plan never to lack reading material!

Yes, I did pack a few clothes and my toothbrush.







14 thoughts on “Road trip!

  1. I absolutely love your selection of novels. LOL! How vain of me. But really, I’m so pleased that you have my books on your Kindle. Wish everyone did! This is the perfect time to get started too. I have The Wind Weeps on for free and it’s sequel, Reckoning Tide, is a must-read to find out what happens.
    Thank you Lori, for your support. I hope that when my next book, Marlie, comes out, you’ll be as enthusiastic about it. I’m hoping to get it out there before Christmas. The setting for that one is Haida Gwaii (Queen Charlotte Islands).

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  2. I can only wish that folks would get my Australian novels downloaded on Kindle. I sometimes feel lost in outer space but indeed I never wrote stories to be ‘known’ only to be an encouragement to others and express the writing Gift. Beyond the Ashes, Marranga-Limga and the sequel Legacy of Limga are available on kindle. Maybe someone will check one out one day. All of Canada sounds fascinating and beautiful to me. Cheers! for interest of maybe one person website for Legacy

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