The Odd 1s Out


As someone who has often felt like the odd one out, this book a was a fun read.  

I appreciated the author’s droll sense of humor as he recounted episodes of his youth.

I found little gems in every chapter which reminded me of my youth and my hard won self-confidence. 

School days were anything but golden for me as I never felt that I fit in. 

P.E. classes:  Miserable.  I was almost always the last one chosen for a team.  Don’t even get me started on gym uniforms…let’s just say ugly!

Science Fairs:  Thank God for boyfriends who helped me with my science projects or else I would still be in 7th grade! The teacher was impressed with my Jacob’s Ladder. So was I. Thank you Doug! 

Cliques…if you did not belong to one it could be a lonely time.  If you did belong to one, you had a tribe but the price of belonging  was often high.  In the clique, your focus was boys, clothes, boys, hair, boys…ad nauseam.  

The solution.  I finally decided that instead of trying to fit in that I would be my own version of myself. At age 15 I declared myself a “tea drinking socialist”.  Where that came from I can’t recall but I smile when I remember it.  

You know what? I felt better.  I looked toward a better life beyond dorky high school.  I distanced myself  from the cliques and in-crowd and found myself “semi-popular”. 

I was not  elected homecoming queen but I was chosen to ride in a convertible in the home coming parade representing the debate club. Go nerds!  You should have seen my beauty pageant wave.  

This little book prompted a walk down memory lane.  I enjoyed the stories and the artwork.

I would love to meet the author and hang out.  Not sure if he would want to hang out with me no matter how hip I am!

I am thinking of sending it to my 9-year old grandson.  I think he would like it. Such is the beauty of the book.  It appeals to young people and the not so young alike. 

It’s an easy, delightful read which I definitely recommend.

The Odd 1s Out by James Rallison

The Odd1s Out Website

Also on Twitter and You Tube


7 thoughts on “The Odd 1s Out

  1. Hear, hear! I’ve wasted so much time trying to fit in that it was a paradox-like relief when I finally accepted I didn’t (and still don’t). I am writing this title down, Lori. Sounds like a good read!

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