Pretty cool…

I am blown away by the fact that I made dinner reservations tonight with my Google Assistant.

Photo by Alex Knight on

I told Google the name of the restaurant, how many people, the date and time.

Google did the rest. I received updates every fifteen minutes informing me that they had not been able to reach the restaurant but would keep trying.

Finally, within an hour, I received an email from Google confirming my reservation.

I was impressed.

Tomorrow night will be the test.

Hopefully everything will go well.

If so, I will feel comfortable using the Google Assistant for other appointments. No more waiting on hold!

Brave new world!

18 thoughts on “Pretty cool…

    1. I admit I am a bit nervous. I will know tonight if it truly worked. I use Google to call and text but this is the first time for a reservation . Fingers crossed.
      How are things going? I hope to visit BC in late summer or early fall. 😊

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  1. Good luck and congratulations. Seeing that picture of the assistant though I am reminded of the movie i,robot. Let’s just hope we don’t need the services of Dr. Susan Calvin. Hee hee.

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