My garden runneth over

There is no room in my garden for another living thing.

I have my hands full taking care of what I have.

It is amazing how much attention even a small garden requires.

Soon the rains will begin and the leaves will start to fall.

Then my challenge will be to keep my garden from becoming overgrown and to rake up all of the leaves.

Then winter comes and I will have ice melt and the snow shovel handy.

So, as tempting as it was when I visited a lovely nursery recently, I said no.

I did take a picure of this beauty.

It will hold me over until next summer.

7 thoughts on “My garden runneth over

  1. Oh dear lady, a garden is a sanctuary, it’s energy given back tenfold. And those flowers, they are delightful. How could you do such a thing, tease us with their beauty and not tell us their name? 😀 ❤️ 🙏🏽 🦋 😂 🤣

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  2. Lori I salute you for maintenance and beauty in your garden which can indeed be a sanctuary. Because of the vastness of our surroundings my garden is feral. I am astonished however at the sudden bursts of new life this Spring is bringing. Even some native gum trees have white flowers. Are your flowers begonias or an other name. They are STUNNUNG.

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