Thursday Morning

I started my day by breaching the alarm system in my home.

As I came downstairs, with thoughts of coffee, a menacing female voice that told me “Someone is in the living room!” and warned me to enter the security code within 60 seconds.

Her voice set my heart racing even though I knew that I was the intruder and that I had time to turn off the alarm before all hell broke loose.

Which is what I did.

Welcome to my morning!

Beans follow-up from yesterday’s post.

The beans were delicious. I had them for lunch with brown rice, coarsely chopped kale, cabbage and carrots.. my version of a grain bowl. Plenty of beans and rice left for other meals.

I am Thursday’s child…

With far to go.

3 thoughts on “Thursday Morning

  1. You will be surprised in how far you have already come dear lady, inside is a glow not truly seen in the beginning because of our pain. But in truth it is that pain that builds that empathy, compassion and love in what we are. Your heart will always speak it 😀❤️🙏🏽

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